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Fishing for trash from 9/21 to 9/26

Adrian Holman

The Monee Reservoir is once again running the Fishing for Trash program this fall from Tuesday, September 21 until Sunday, September 26. This event take place during the opening and closing hours of the Monee Reservoir Visitor Center from 6 AM CST until 7 PM.

During the summer, people fish along the banks of the Monee Reservoir. Unfortunately, the same people that fish there also litter. They leave all sorts of plastic cups, empty beverage cans and bottles, napkins, paper plates, aluminum foil, and fishing line all over the place. This type of behavior is an encapsulation of society in which people are given the privilege to fish at the reservoir for free while thinking that they are entitled enough to bring along their bad manners by littering and by disrespecting the people that work there that keep the Monee Reservoir clean.

The worst thing out of all of the debris that is left by these uncaring fishermen is the fishing line. Most of the fishing line that is left is line that becomes entangled in nearby tree branches because they cast their line too close to trees. I can understand that they want to sit in the shade so that they will not be baked by the sun, but they need to realize that they need to cast their line before moving into shaded areas along the reservoir.

The fishing line then hurts the animals in the future when they inadvertently become entangled from time to time. The absolute worse scenario is when there are hooks with plastic bait attached to the discarded fishing line. The animals then can swallow the hooks which could potentially cause the animals to bleed to death.
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Here is how you can help. From Tuesday until Sunday, you can go to the Monee Reservoir Visitor Center and pick up a trash bag and some gloves at the concessions window. Instead of keeping the gloves and the trash bag and going back home, you can fill the bag up with the garbage littered across the landscape.

Once your are done, you then can take the trash bag filled with debris and the gloves back to the concessions window at the Monee Reservoir Visitor Center. You will then receive a special gift from the employees at the Visitor Center. The gift is a mystery so you will have to participate in order to find out what the gift is that will be given at the Visitor Center.

The Monee Reservoir Visitor Center is located at 27341 Ridgeland Avenue in Monee, IL. After completing the Fishing for Trash Event, you still will have the rest of the day to relax at the reservoir if you are a fan of water.

To fish along the banks of the reservoir, you would need an Illinois fishing license. If you do not have a fishing license, then you will be able to buy one at the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center also sells live bait and tackle. All that you will need to bring is your fishing pole.

If you do not have a boat, then you can rent a pedal boat, a canoe, a kayak, or a rowboat with an electric trolling motor for the entire day. Be careful when you out in the water though so that the boat does not tip over. Please wear a life preserver if you go out into the water in case an accident happens.

If the employees of the Monee Reservoir had one wish, then it would be that you would not litter when you fish.

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