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Plainfield vaccine drive scheduled for this weekend

Adrian Holman

The Will County Health Department and Community Health Center is sponsoring a coronavirus vaccine drive this weekend in Plainfield, IL. This weekend's COVID-19 vaccine drive will be held at St. Mary Immaculate Church on Saturday, July 10 from 9:30 AM Central Standard Time (CST) until 12 PM CST and on Sunday, July 11 from 10 AM CST to 2 PM CST.

This vaccine drive would be for those who would be receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Although the state of Illinois vaccination rate is rather high with 72.3% of the people receiving at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, Will County is sorely lagging behind with only 48.15% of the residents that have received both shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.
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There are many factors as to why over half of the citizens of Will County have not taken the shot at all. One reason is the high level of Latinos that live in the county that are living in the USA illegally. They fear that if they put their names into the Illinois Department of Health database, then the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will know exactly where they live. This concern is definitely legitimate because no true immigration reform has been done since Ronald Reagan was the US President. That's over three decades of US Congress kicking the immigration can down the road to the point now that the problem is too overwhelming to solve at this present moment. However, I have not seen or heard of one case on TV or online of someone being deported for taking the vaccine. If you have, then send me a link in the comments.

The second reason is due to mistrust of the government in the past. In the 20th century, over half of the states legalized eugenics and forcible sterlizations of Native Americans, Blacks, and Latinos. The forced sterilization is still an issue now with ICE continuing that procedure now on migrants in detention centers throughout the country sleeping in aluminum foil blankets.

The Tuskegee Experiment was the worst example of eugenics in the history of the United States. From 1932 until 1972, the US Public Health Service conducted a "syphilis study" at Tuskegee Institute on Black men. Instead of treating these men, the doctors studied them while watching them die a slow death from the effects of syphilis.

However, this fearful claim that the government is trying to kill minorities with the COVID vaccine is easily dispelled due to the fact that this vaccine is being administered to all races. If this vaccine would kill people at a high rate, then this vaccine would not be given to Caucasians.

The final reason is that there are many rural areas within Will County. The people that live in these rural cities will always do things differently than those who live in the suburbs and in large cities. In life, I have learned that you should pretty much do the opposite of what people do that live in rural areas. Never allow for your thinking to be molded in any way by the uneducated.

If you are looking to set an appointment for the weekend, then you can click here to set one up at the Illinois Department of Health website or call (815) 436-2651. You are required to wear a mask and you are required to wear a short sleeve shirt for the vaccination.

The address of St. Mary Immaculate Church Parish is 15629 Illinois Route 59, Plainfield, IL 60544. Get your vaccine and stay for mass afterwards.

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