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Would you try a Hot Cheeto Burger?

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During the pandemic, people had to create their own source of revenue. For Anthony and Eric Cardenas, they created Prime Tacos, an authentic Mexican food pop-up on the south side of Chicago. Last summer, they began to cook for backyard cookouts and parties.

They cooked the traditional fare like tacos and burritos, but they also constructed a new item that has everyone talking. For anyone that goes into business, you must have something that is completely unique from your competitors.

For the Cardenas brothers, the new item that they added to their menu was the Hot Cheeto Burger. The burger starts off like any other burger with the meat patty and a slice of cheddar cheese on the hamburger.

Then, grilled carmelized onions are placed on top of the burger which is all topped with nacho cheese. The secret is that they dip the buns in batter. Then, they cover the buns with crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos. On request, they also can smother a burrito with Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust as well.
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If you are a Flamin' Hot Cheetos fan, then Flamin' Hot Cheetos are served with the Hot Cheetos Burger as well.

Prime Taco has gone from backyard parties to having a designated pop-up area on the South Side of Chicago. Whenever they set up shop, the lines for the Hot Cheeto Burger goes all the way around the block.

Since people now have extra time on their hands due to the pandemic, people will wait hours in order to acquire a taste of the Hot Cheeto Burger. This waiting time gives people in line an excuse to look at their phones all day.

Throughout this pandemic, pop-up food spots and ghost kitchens were created as a result of the changing times. The owners of the restaurant space were then able to rent their space out to different cooks so that their properties would not go into foreclosure. The cooks were then also able to generate revenue for themselves with food deliveries.

These type of ghost kitchens are here to stay because over 100,000 ghost kitchens popped up throughout the USA over the past year. These times have been tough for everyone in the world, but stories like these about people choosing to adapt to their surroundings instead of giving up on their dreams are quite admirable.

However, pop-up stands will be even more profitable this summer because the pandemic is now winding down. Plus, we have more extensive scientific knowledge about the coronavirus. We now know that the risk of contracting the coronavirus outside is very minimal due to the dispersal of droplets by the atmosphere.

Almost all of COVID-19 transmissions happen inside in which droplets are able to cluster before being breathed into the body. In one study, only one out of over 7,000 people contracted the coronavirus outside based upon contract tracing.

This information is important because nobody standing in line outside at Prime Taco's pop-up stand will probably catch the coronavirus unless they are standing next to Jon Rahm over the next few days. That means that they will have long lines throughout the summer. Nevertheless, we still need to be somewhat cautious because people are still becoming COVID-19 positive throughout the world.

Would you like to try the Hot Cheeto Burger? Fortunately, Prime Taco is now set up for the time being at the Lacuna Lofts at 2150 S. Canalport Avenue in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. The place is real easy to get to since the Lofts are near the I-90 expressway exit at Cermak Rd despite of the amount of traffic in the area.


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