Words of Wisdom for 3/3/21

Adrian Holman

March 3rd will be a fun day for everyone because of the date being 3/3. The number three represents manifestation. Having the month and the date being exactly the same, the number three is actually doubled. Taking it a step further, the two numbers in the date add up to a sum of three. That means that the number three is tripled. Basically, you can use Wednesday to take some major strides in making your dreams, your vision, and your goals become reality. To see how you can make some insane gains with you brain, check out these quick tips below.

1. Forbid yourself from doing wrong. You are so close to your desired breakthrough. One small misstep could derail years of progress. Deny yourself from making the mistake that will destroy your life and the lives of those that are within your circle.

2. Go out of your way to witness greatness with your own eyes. Go out and experience life because nobody knows the length of our life span.

3. Be peaceful. Make the sacrifice to be peaceful in a world filled with conflict. Choosing peace will allow for you to stand out from the norm.

4. Desire excellence. If you desire to achieve excellence, then you must set yourself apart from the rest of the world. Find your niche that nobody else is doing at this time. Discover what makes you unique from those that are around you. For example, nobody is doing what I am doing right now with this weekly post. Nobody is even close in regards to dropping knowledge on a regular with relative ease that famous philosophers never achieved over their lifetimes.

5. Totally destroy your enemies. Leave nothing behind when you annihilate your foes. If you leave a remnant behind, then they will eventually come back against you in the future. Here is a historical example. Over the past weekend, the Jewish people from all over the world celebrated the Jewish holiday known as Purim. This holiday is celebrated because Haman the Agagite attempted to kill every Jewish person during the reign of ancient Persia, but he was unsuccessful (Book of Esther). Go back 700 years before this event when King Saul did not kill all of Agag's descendants during battle (I Samuel 15). Due to Saul not totally destroying the enemy, the enemy almost ended up achieving vengeance down the line. Do not give your foes a sliver of hope.

6. Be prepared to move forward. You must have a vision before you can move forward. You have to see where you are going before you can actually reach your destination.

7. Do not allow for your light to go out. Do not permit the darkness of this world to take your shine away. Stay bright.

8. Do not start conflict, but prepare yourself to end conflict when somebody wants to start something with you. People will begin to stop testing you when you stay on point.

9. Do something that nobody else is doing. If you want to be great, then you will have to do something that has never been done before.

10. Do not continue to the wrong things that the previous generation did. The previous generation did crack in the 1980's. That should give you an idea to not make the same mistakes that were made in the past by smoking crack.


11. Use your intuition. When you have that feeling when you are making a tough decision, then you have to trust your gut to ensure that you do not end up caught in an unnecessary situation down the line. Your intuition can prevent you from making the wrong decision.

12. Do things according to the pattern. In everything that you do, there is a certain pattern that you have to follow. Even when you brush your teeth, you have to follow the pattern so that you do not end up with cavities. Every big purchase that you make comes with an instructions manual. That manual is the pattern that you have to do in order for the product to work for you. If you do not follow the pattern, then you have wasted your money.

13. Realize that self-sacrifice will eliminate fear. The more time that you put others ahead of yourself gives you less time to be concerned about what is going on with your life.

14. Build because your haters do not want you to grow. Realize that everyone does not want for you to advance in life. Build anyway.

15. Realize that people will question you when you go against the grain. Doing the opposite of what the mediocre masses do will seem awkward to those around you. They will question why you are doing things the way that you are doing them. You answer back with this one word: excellence.

16. Do not regret that you are alive. Do not take your life for granted. There are times when you will be discouraged, but those are the times that you decide to pick yourself up again. Look at each day as a new beginning.

17. Hold your head up high. Do not be ashamed about the mistakes you have made in the past because we all make mistakes. Despite of all of the mistakes, you are still here. You can hold your head up high because you have conquered the past.

18. Remember to be merciful and truthful to others.

19. Realize that there is a right time for everything.

20. Remain alert.

21. Choose to be a leader. If you are not a leader, then you are a follower. If you are following the wrong person, then you will end up veering off of the deep end with whomever you are following.

22. Show remorse when you have done something wrong.

23. Do not show loyalty to those who have stabbed you in the back.

24. Make sure that you eat properly.

25. Desire to keep your relationships healthy.

26. Do not allow for addiction to fully consume you. Fight back in order to gain control.

27. Do not be around disagreeable people.

28. Do what you are supposed to do. Do not make things harder in life by putting off what you need to do.

29. Do not prey upon others.

30. Continue to move higher.

31. Choose not to remain filthy.

32. Stay prepared.

33. Stand up for yourself.

34. Know what you need to do when you reach your destination. Realize that there is more to do once you have "arrived."

35. Do what it takes in order to remain qualified.

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