Words of Wisdom for 2/24/21

Adrian Holman

Wednesday February 24th of 2021 is a day of freedom. The reason for this proclamation is due to the numerical symbolism of today's date. The number two represents confirmation or agreement because two parties are at least needed for agreement to commence.

The number 24 can be broken down to three times eight. The number three represents manifestation since visible objects are three-dimensional. The number eight represents new beginnings. For example, seven days are in a week. The first day after the week is the eighth day or the beginning of a new week.

The same concept can be used from the number 21 as in three times seven. The number seven represents perfection or completion as the seventh day in a week completes the week. The combination of all of these numbers ensures that you will see an old chapter within your life ending that coincides with the turning of the page of a new chapter within your life. Embrace the tips below so that you will be able to experience breakthroughs in the future.


1. Create your own identity. The time has come to leave the past behind so that you can then be able to redefine your future.

2. Understand that your cries will not go unheard. Do not suppress your emotions. Talk to someone about your problems so that you can discover solutions.

3. Diversify your plan of attack. You should not place all of your eggs into one basket. Give yourself multiple options so that you can increase the chances of being successful.

4. Get up and move forward. As soon as you wake up, your mind should be focused on progression. What can you do in order to make today better than yesterday?

5. Endure your opposition. Build up endurance so that you will be able to outlast your adversaries.

6. Choose not to be a negative influence. Being a negative influence allows for unfavorable circumstances to linger. For example, negative influences have permitted for the coronavirus pandemic to continue on today even though all of these issues should have been cleared up a long time ago. Change things for the better before things become worse all around you.

7. Pursue your goals all day. You can only reach your goals through pursuit. The more that you pursue your goals the closer you will be to fulfilling your goals. If you are not pursuing your goals all day, then you will need to change your goals.

8. Execute judgment. You have to use your judgment on a consistent basis so that you will not become entangled in unnecessary affairs.

9. Realize that your mockers are behind you in life. The reason why a person will mock someone else is due to that person lagging behind the rest of people in life. If someone is ridiculing you, then realize that you are actually ahead of that person in life at the moment. People only look to tear down those who are higher than them on the totem pole.

10. Choose to be happy. Happiness is not based upon your circumstances. Happiness is based upon whether or not you decide to be happy.

11. Add some discernment. Know the difference between right and wrong. For example, drinking poison is wrong. You know that drinking poison is wrong because you know the difference between right and wrong. A person that knowingly chooses to drink poison is committing a wrong act. Choose life instead of death because we can only live once.

12. Enjoy what you do. If you do not like what you are doing, then stop doing it. Stop deciding to be miserable.

13. Change your environment. Before you can change yourself, you will have to change your surroundings. You will need to rearrange some furniture. What things do you need to eliminate from your life? Who do you no longer need to be around? Social distancing during this pandemic should have allowed for you to realize who you really need to be around anyway.

14. Look to save lives. Instead of looking to sabotage the lives of others, look to do things that will save the lives of others. What can you do that will help others? Do not make excuses because you add value to this planet.

15. Choose to be abundant. The opposite of abundance is lack. In whatever area you are lacking, do some research on how you can turn that situation around. Never accept your present circumstances because circumstances are temporary.

16. Be hungry. When you become hungry, then you will begin to care less about the opinions of others. Do whatever you need to do to propel yourself forward even if it may be perceived as wrong by others. Do not allow for other people to live your life.

17. Know the cost before you sacrifice. We are in the midst of Lent, the 40-day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. During this period, people will give up something for 40 days. However, many people break that vow because they underestimate the cost of that sacrifice.

18. Do not commit yourself to other people. The commitments that you make in life should only be towards yourself. Why add extra aggravation into your life by obligating yourself to do extra stuff that is unnecessary. Save yourself from being overwhelmed.

19. Do not let anyone hold you back. Currently, you are reading this article that I have written. Is anybody stopping you from reading this post? The answer is no. Then, do not allow anyone to hinder you from doing anything else in life.

20. Realize that people will talk about you. No matter what you do, there will always be someone around that will talk negatively about you. Looking to please others is absolutely a worthless effort. Do what you need to do because the criticism will always be there. The mediocre masses will always look to criticize others in order to justify their lackluster lives.

21. Believe that you will reach your destination. Why pursue after your goals if you think that you cannot reach them? Make your goals accessible so that you will not become discouraged along the way.

22. Avoid as much conflict as possible. Be kind, be willing to teach others the right thing to do, and remain patient. Those three things will help you avoid as much conflict as possible.

23. Realize that your value is determined by your work.

24. Do not overburden others.

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