Words of Wisdom for 2/17/21

Adrian Holman

Since most of the USA is under a deep freeze, warm yourself up with these words of wisdom for today. Coffee and blankets will only give you temporary respite while warming up your mind will ensure that you remain on fire at all time.

1. Know that there are some things that you know that you should not do. We live in a world in which everyone wants to do what they want. However, we cannot do whatever we want to do at all times. This statement is proven by the fact that the most coronavirus cases have occurred in the United States of America because too many people have chosen to do whatever they want to do instead of deciding not to be selfish for a few months.

2. Stand up and help others. Instead of wallowing in the valley of neutrality, take a stand. More people do not choose to take a stand because taking a stand involves helping others.

3. Preparation is the key to progress. Before you can progress in life, you must prepare. Take the word prepare and split it into two: pre- and pare. The prefix pre- means before. The word pare means to trim the outer edges like peeling an apple (Definitions are from Dictionary.com). Combine the two definitions in order to gain a deeper perspective of the word prepare. To prepare means to cut out the excess beforehand. Eliminating excessive habits and excessive people from your life will guarantee that you will be propelled forward in the future.

4. Relay the information that you receive to others. Take the knowledge that you process either by listening, by reading, or by learning and relay that information to others. Many people are not able to express themselves fully because they refuse to listen, decline to read, or reject to learn.

5. Keep your word to others. Do not vow to do anything for anyone else unless you know that you know that you will back up those words with action. I no longer promise to do anything for anyone else. I just do what I need to do.

6. Stop refusing to listen. Select not to be like the rest of the mediocre masses that continues to refuse to listen. Everyone wants to talk or type their thoughts onto social media, but not too many people want to listen.

7. Work until you complete your mission. Realize that achieving your goals will take many hours of work to complete. The only reason why so many people do not reach their goals because they do not put in the necessary effort in order to make things happen.

8. Do not hate what is good. If you choose to hate something that is good, then you will eventually put yourself in a place in which you will continue to make horrible decisions. Hating things that are good skews your discernment.

9. Do not allow for outside incentives to become your motivation. Motivation must come from within your heart. Motivation remains temporary when incentives become the source of motivation. So many people are trapped in jobs that will eventually destroy them solely because of the benefits.

10. Do not allow for peer pressure to shame you into doing something that you do not want to do. You should not jump off of the cliff because people are pressuring to jump off of the cliff. Stand your ground so that you will be able to live your life without any regrets.

11. Do not burden others with your problems. Look to solve your problems instead of creating more problems for others.

12. Be kind to immigrants. Immigrants mostly go to other countries because they are in a situation in which themselves or their family members would die if they remained in their respective countries. If you were in a situation in which the only way you could live is by leaving the country that you live in, then you would take that chance. Please find a little bit of empathy within your heart to treat your fellow man with some decency.

13. Do not put your eggs in one basket. Diversify your funds.

14. See what other people are going through. Show some empathy to others that are dealing with tough times so that people will be empathetic towards you when you face adversity. Earlier today, political radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh passed away. Many people that listened to his show are mourning the loss. However, there are so many more people that have absolutely no emotion in regards to his passing because he rarely showed any empathy towards anyone else during his seventy years on this earth.

15. Understand your value. Recognize that you are priceless because there is only one you.

16. Do not abandon your principles. Compromise always leads to a slippery slope.

17. Choose to love life. Living life is always a choice. Always choose life over death.

18. Wait for the breakthrough. During stormy times, wait for the daybreak.

19. Remove yourself from the pedestal that you have placed yourself upon.

20. Understand that rewards are the result of good decisions and that consequences are the result of bad decisions.

21. Follow your plan. Your plan will direct your actions. If you are not doing anything, then you do not have a good plan. Change your plan if you are stuck in neutral.

22. Keep people around you that you can trust.

23. Choose not to remember falsehood. Desire to retain knowledge.

24. Intercede on the behalf of others. Speak on behalf of others whose voices have been suppressed.

25. Do not allow for violence to permeate through your community.

26. Do not have cloudy judgment. Cloudy judgment opens the door for you to be gaslighted.

27. Fulfill your potential. The only difference between potential and productivity is work. How do you fulfill your potential? Work.

Today is the Michael Jordan's birthday. Jordan is considered one of the best NBA players of all-time. However, the reason why he fulfilled his potential was through hard work.

28. Realize that we all have some issues that need to be dealt with.

29. Tell others about your experiences. People will not learn about you unless you tell them about what you have experienced.

30. Have some zeal. Allow for your zeal to grow once you have attached yourself to a worthy cause.

I hope that these thirty tips will help you out throughout your life's journey.

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