Words of Wisdom for 2/10/21

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Enjoy these tidbits that will help you out on Wednesday, February 10, 2021. The significance for this date is symbolized by the numbers two and ten. The number two represents agreement because two people can only walk together in unity when agreement is achieved. The number ten represents order because the mathematical system is based upon the decimal system.

Combining both meanings ensures that the goal is to agree to move forward in an orderly fashion. Choosing to do things in an orderly manner could be the catalyst for others around you to be more disciplined as well. The lack of discipline from a national perspective is why the USA has the most coronavirus cases during this pandemic.


1. Expand your horizons. Expansion will allow for you to become more of an influence to others throughout the world. Your influence could be the refreshing that the world needs right now.'

2. Continue to grow as a person. The moment that you decide that you do not want to increase is the moment when decrease begins to happen within your life.

3. Make sure that you have more than enough. Keep a tab on your resources so that you will not be caught lacking.

4. Create a vision for the future. Envisioning yourself making an impact will then give you the strength and the enlightenment necessary to become whoever you want to be in this life.

5. Leave fear and oppression in the past. Do not allow for yourself to be afraid to accomplish whatever you want to do in the future. Also, do not allow for previous bad habits to derail your progress.

6. Remember what you have achieved. Remembering your victories will give you the confidence to remain triumphant.

7. Do not forget where you came from. Never discredit the achievements that were made by previous generations.

8. Realize that humility will bring about favor within your life. Nobody wants to help out anyone who is arrogant.

9. Do not allow for your enemies to defeat you. A person will attack you from time to time because he or she may think that you are weak. Prove your adversary wrong by maintaining yourself when somebody tries you.

10. Do not follow the wrong person. A person that is an ineffective leader will eventually lead his or her followers to destruction. Jump ship before it sinks.

11. Get enough sleep. Obtaining enough rest will allow for yourself to prevent fatigue and disorientation from creeping in.

12. Ask difficult questions. You need to ask questions when you are not able to figure out something. Those questions will be answered eventually so that things will be less cloudy within your mind.

13. Be pleasant. Remaining pleasant will give you a better outlook on the future. Remaining pleasant will boost your optmism.

14. Build yourself up. You have to continue to establish yourself because the enemy is looking to destroy you. Build yourself up so that you will not be dismantled.

15. Cause for your adversaries to lose. Always look to win against your opponents. The easiest way to defeat your foes is by looking to help others. When you help others, then others will help you in times of need.

16. Keep your personal business to yourself. Anything that you say or do publicly will eventually be used against you in the future. Why should you give other people intel that could potentially defeat you in the future?

17. Do not speak foolishly. If you do not want foolish things to happen to you in the future, then stop speaking foolish things into existence.

18. Take the time to learn something new each and every day. Learning will instruct you on how to do better in the future.

19. Embrace knowledge. Taking in knowlege will prevent you from being deluded by misinformation.

20. Have some self-restraint. The reason why superspreader events continue to happen frequently in the USA during this pandemic is due to the lack of self-restraint. Why do fans run out into the street after a team wins a major sporting event? Watching Tampa Bay win Super Bowl 55 is not an excuse to jump around with strangers and contract COVID-19?

21. Encourage others to rise up. Lifting others up will prevent you from feeling down about yourself.

22. Protect yourself at all times. Anything can happen at any time.

23. Do not do things on purpose that will cause for you to be a laughingstock. Do things that will not cause for other people to laugh at you.

24. Keep silent. When someone is arrested, then the officer says to that person the Miranda rights. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything that you say can be used against you." Controlling your tongue prevents you from incriminating yourself.

25. Read. There should be no excuse for not reading something each and every day. If you know someone that does not know how to read, then look to enroll them in some reading classes.

26. Ask unusual questions. Asking a person an unusual question allows for you to discern if you really need that person around you or not.

27. Realize that whatever you do privately will eventually become public. Do not allow for bad habits to damage your own reputation.

28. Stop reading horoscopes. Put your future in your own hands instead of into the hands of an astrologer that wrote down general signs for your particular zodiac sign. For your future to change, you must specifically do things that are detailed towards the betterment of your life. Stop being lazy about figuring out your future.

29. Realize that there will be obstacles in the way. Nobody goes through life without having to deal with unfavorable circumstances. You have to be willing to clear the path that is ahead of you so that you do not stumble.

30. Realize that your words will always cause a reaction. If you understand the power of your words, then you would not be babbling all of the time.

31. Do not stay in places where you do not feel any peace within you. Being placed inside of an unfavorable circumstance does not give you the right to stay in that unfavorable circumstance. Rise up and leave the bad times in the past.

32. Do not be around empty people. If you choose to keep people around you that lack any substance, then you will eventually pollute your mind with vanity.

33. Do not isolate yourself. Being in quarantine does not give you an excuse to not stay in contact with your family and friends.

34. Stay out of pride. Pride always leads to shame.

35. Listen. You might missed the biggest opportunity in your life because you selected not to listen.

36. Choose to be joyful. Do not allow for your circumstances to diminish your demeanor.

37. Choose not to be profane. Since cameras were placed on cell phones, people continue to do extra in order to achieve a viral moment. Each viral moment looks to top the most recent trend by becoming more and more profane. When the mediocre masses flock one way, then almost always look to go in the opposite direction.

38. Realize that your happiness is based upon your focus. If you are focusing on the wrong things, then you will not feel good. If you are focusing on the right things, then you will feel better.

39. Forgive others. You have to let the bitterness go. Forgive so that you can live your life.

40. Do not be afraid. You must figure out a way to overcome your fears.

41. Save the best for last. Always look to be better instead of becoming complacent.

42. Remain peaceful. Why start conflicts with other people when there are over 8 billion people in the world? Navigate peacefully through this world.

43. Choose to work efficiently. If you want good rewards, then you have to work efficiently.

44. Seek after knowledge in order to gain revelation. Consciously acquire knowledge so that you will then be able to subconsciously have truth revealed to you.

45. Continue to forgive. Once you lay a grudge down, do not pick it back up.

46. Choose to help out the less fortunate.

47. Protect your body. We must do what we can to remain as healthy as possible during the pandemic.

48. Have humility. Choose not to toot your own horn or you will be playing a sad tune.

49. Choose to be a complete person. Be a well-rounded person so that you will be able to adapt to any situation.

50. Behave properly. Use what you have properly. Behave in a way so that you can be a good example for others.

51. Stay out of deception. Do not deceive others and do not allow for others to deceive you.

52. Be a productive worker.

53. Choose to endure until the end. Quitting can no longer be an option in life. We can only reach the finish life when we choose to live our lives to the fullest.

54. Choose not to steal. I know that times are economically tough during the pandemic, but there are plenty of different agencies that you can contact if you need help.

55. Choose to go upward. If you are not going up, then you are going down.

56. Realize that everyone is not perfect.

57. Show mercy to others.

58. Realize that you cannot do what you want to do all of the time.

59. Realize that real love will not cause for you to stumble.

60. Choose to last until the end. The only way to win in life is when you keep going until the end.

Please let me know in the comments how these tips have helped you after you apply your life to a few of these details throughout the next seven days.

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