How not to become like a Capitol rioter

Adrian Holman

The Capitol riot on January 6 will go down as one of the most bizarre events in the USA. None of the people that showed up at the "Stop the Steal" rally on that fateful day would have thought that they would have become an insurrectionist and a terrorist ten years ago. Looking at how they regressed morally will prevent you from becoming like them in the future.

1. Keep yourself separate from unruly people. You will not become muddy if you choose to refrain from wallowing in the mud.

2. Do not set yourself up for a meltdown. You will not be riding high all of the time. Prepare yourself on how to deal with adversity. The reason why the psyches of the rioters were destroyed was that they thought that the 2020 General Election would go just like the 2016 General Election. Since they did not prepare their minds, their delusion culminated into a meltdown.

3. Be willing to compartmentalize. Take the time to process your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. Out of control emotions eventually lead to out of this world events happening in the future.

4. Be peaceful. Being at peace with others eventually leads to reconciliation. Not choosing to make an effort to remain calm leads to chaos.

5. Choose not to be stagnant. Do not be the person that chooses not to progress in life. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backwards.

6. Be courageous. If you choose not to be courageous, then you will follow the same path trudged by the mediocre masses. Be strong enough to not follow the latest fads and trends.

7. Do not run away from your problems. A problem will remain a problem in your life until the problem is resolved. Not resolving that the 2020 election was over led to the Capitol riot.

8. Turn back around. If you have strayed off the path in your journey in life, then return back to the spot in your mind before you were led astray.

9. Do not allow for your adversary to provoke you. An adversary will attack you because the opposition views you as being weak. When you increase your productivity within your life, then you will no longer be perceived as being weak. The wolf only goes after the weakest when it decides to prey. Choose not to be devoured by strengthening yourself.

10. Do not create a false reality within your mind.

11. Stay out of pride. Putting yourself on a pedestal only means that you will eventually be knocked off of that same pedestal in the future. Entitlement deluded people into storming the Capitol.

12. Watch who you turn to. Depending on the wrong person leads to the eventual letdown.

13. Do not neglect to work on your imperfections. Realizing that we are not perfect does not give us an excuse to not work on our imperfections because a blemish exacerbates over time.

14. Be extravagant with your giving. In the minds of the rioters, they were attempting to take the Capitol. Choosing to be a giver will prevent you from ever becoming a taker.

15. Allow for yourself to receive help. If you feel like you are about to go off of the rails, then get some help. Always choose life and do not give up.

16. Realize that actions have consequences. Weigh the pros and cons before you make any rash decisions.

17. Meditate. Take a few minutes out of your day to reflect upon life. Meditation allows for you to refresh your mind so that you will not become a victim to delusion.

18. Gain an understanding. Whenever you access information, take a moment to comprehend what you just heard or read.

19. Realize that life operates in cycles. For example, the seasons operate on a cycle: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Since we know about this seasonal cycle, we are able to prepare for each season accordingly. If you choose not to prepare, then abnormalities are able to creep into your life.

20. Do not base your opinions of other people solely upon their outward appearance.

21. Do not allow for sickness to fester within your body.

22. Do not make excuses for yourself. Do not hinder your progress in your life by making excuses. Making the excuse that the election did not go their way led to people causing an insurrection on January 6.

23. Choose not to pursue after barrenness. Over the past 40 years, former President Trump proved that he never had anything to offer anyone from an intellectual standpoint. However, the people chose to follow after barrenness.

24. Never look back. Keep the past in the past and keep moving forward. Do not allow a lack of focus to deter your progress.

25. Use proper judgment. Discern the difference between right and wrong.

26. Do not compromise your standards. Morality is a slippery slope. Compromising in one area of your life will eventually lead to compromise in every area of your life. Prioritize rational thought over your feelings.

27. Exercise. You have to make yourself stronger in order to deal with tough times.

28. Look to free the oppressed. If you see someone that is hurting, then at least have the empathy to do something.

29. Do things as if you are being watched by a camera at all times. Realize that what you do privately will eventually be made public.

30. Choose not to be lazy. Who knows who you were supposed to help today? You could be the person that can change the world, but we may never find out because of your laziness.

31. Choose not to destroy yourself. Make a choice to build yourself up on a daily basis.

32. Stay out of anger. There are times when you need to be angry, but you should not be walking around in anger on a consistent basis because that would turn you from being a proactive person into a reactive mess.

33. Do not allowed for anyone to invade your personal space. Do not allow for intrusive people to invade your privacy. Social distancing is so necessary.

34. Choose to seek become better on a daily basis.

35. Figure out how to become more productive.

36. Realize that your output is determined by your input.

37. Choose to be honorable.

38. Choose love. Stop being a hater.

39. Do not remain caught up in materialism.

40. Do what you are supposed to be doing.

41. Figure out your purpose.

42. Look to restore what has been broken.

43. Answer the call within your life to be more productive.

44. Overcome obstacles within your life so that you will be an inspiration for others.

45. Look to comfort others so that we will all have the strength to outlast this pandemic.

46. Do not allow for yourself to fall off.

47. Compliment others.

48. Remain confident.

49. Realize that the purpose of listening is to acquire knowledge.

50. Remain receptive to truth even during these rough times.

51. Expect to be avenged when someone troubles you. The reason why a person attempts to mess with you is because that person's life is already messed up. Wait that person out and that person will eventually shoot himself or herself in the foot.

52. Do not go out of your way to speak or to do anything foolish.

53. Cultivate the gifts that are inside of you so that others will not exploit you.

54. Choose not to quit on yourself.

55. Gratefulness is the key to unlocking your productivity. Acknowledging the good things in your life will cause for you to gravitate further away from negativity.

56. Realize that your words will determine your future productivity.

57. Choose not to waver. Make firm decisions.

58. Learn to remain joyful during times of heaviness. Make sure that your happiness is not determined by circumstances because circumstances change every day.

59. Knowledge increases your self-control. Your self-control then increases your patience.

60. Make sure that your actions match up with what you say as much as possible.

61. Abide by the laws of the land as much as possible.

62. Realize that things will go well when you help others. Helping others unlocks the door for others to help you.

63. Do not allow for dumb decisions to cause for you to lose what you have now. Do not allow for the present to ruin your future.

64. Know your identity.

If you are going through a tough time, then look in the mirror and say, "Well, at least I was not a Capitol rioter." Saying this will give you a quick laugh so that you will be able to recharge yourself. I am glad that my life has not devolved to the point that I never became a Capitol rioter.

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