Escape mediocrity for 2021

Adrian Holman

To finally put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, we must choose to rise up and separate ourselves from the mediocre masses. Choose not to be left behind by looking at how you can escape mediocrity for this entire year.

1. Choose to be like a salmon. When salmon choose to produce, then the fish swims upstream to lay their eggs. They knowingly go against the grain in order to create a new generation of salmon. You must choose to go against the grain in order to be efficient in these uncertain times.

2. Choose not to be like a lemming. When the seasons change, lemmings migrate to a better climate just like birds do. However, the method of migration is quite different. Birds normally fly south for the winter and fly back up north in the spring.

Lemmings jump off of cliffs in order to reach water. Lemmings attempt to take the shortcut south by swimming. However, plenty of lemmings die from taking this shortcut either due to the impact of the fall or due to total exhaustion from swimming. We must decide not to take any shortcuts that could eventually lead to imminent unseen danger.

3. Participate. In life, you are either a participator or a spectator. Quit allowing yourself to watch life pass you by day after day. Do something that you have always wanted to do. Do something that will draw you closer to your destiny. Do something that you restrained yourself from doing in the past because of fear.

4. Stay out of unhealthy relationships. If somebody is disrespecting you, then you do not need to be around that particular person. Take social distancing to that next level.

5. Do not hinder others. Do not waste your time in plotting the demise of other people. If you are devising schemes against someone else, then you will increase the chances that someone is putting obstacles in your path as well. We are all going through a crisis right now. Help others so that others will help you. Who knows when you will need help? Circumstances can change instantly.

6. Look to avoid conflict. Do not start something that you will not be able to finish.

7. Observe what is going on around you. Notice the signs that are around you during this pandemic. The coronavirus seems to spread quicker in an enclosed place with a group of people larger than ten because of person-to-person contact. Therefore, the observation is to keep yourself away from enclosed places with more than ten people.

8. Negotiate wisely. Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to their pandemic. However, a new opportunity is around the corner. When that opportunity comes, then be ready to negotiate so that you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

9. Be prepared to fight. Unfortunately, there are times where conflict cannot be avoided. Whenever that happens, then you must be ready to fight. Before you are even facing conflict, you have to practice the tactics that you would use in a fight so that you would have a better chance of winning.

Normally, a person will look to fight you because that person deems that you are weak in his or her eyes. A predator like a wolf always looks for the weakest of prey before attacking. Therefore, you must strengthen yourself, whether it is through physical, mental, or spiritual exercise.

For example, I do a thousand push-ups two days a week. Therefore, nobody looks to step up to fight me. Nevertheless, I still exercise if a fight occurs in the future. Defend yourself at all times.

10. Do all that you can now. We all know that we only live once. We must cherish each and every day so that we give maximum effort within our lives. Choose not to leave this life with any regrets.

11. Look to support others. Complimenting others will not hurt you. Showing support to others will not hurt you. Encouraging others will not hurt you. Supporting others that are around you will allow for everyone within your circle to be stronger. In return, those around you will show support to you as well.

12. Stay out of gluttony. Look, you probably put on that Quarantine 15 when you were in lockdown in early 2020. That weight that you gradually put on you now need to gradually put off. Cut back on how much that you eat on a daily basis. Those pounds will drop off quickly once you put the fork down.

13. Honor the elderly. The reason why the pandemic is still raging through the USA is due to the moral lack of respect to the elderly. All throughout this pandemic, experts have stated that COVID-19 affects those who are over sixty years old the most. Not choosing to mitigate the spread in order to protect old people proves that America has chosen not to respect the elderly. Let us choose to start a new trend by honoring the elderly this year.

14. Obey the statutes of the land. Look at New Zealand and look at Australia. The people in those two countries obeyed the government mandates when the lockdown happened. As a result, both countries have been coronavirus-free for months after the quarantine. In the USA, we all know someone that has not worn a mask throughout this entire pandemic. The lack of obedience is why the pandemic rages on in the United States of America.

15. Stop being delusional. Choose not to be deceived by what someone says or what someone does in 2020. Take the extra few minutes to do the research for yourself.

16. Remain unbiased. We are all human beings. No group of human beings is better than another group of human beings. No person is better than someone else because we all will die eventually.

17. Be peaceful. Allow for peace to give you the serenity that you need to conquer 2021. Look to solve conflicts instead of starting conflicts.

18. Realize that you now have a second chance. You are still living so you have been given another chance to make amends today. Do not let this chance slip out of your fingers.

19. Focus on your goals. Your primary actions must be based around whatever goals that you are looking to achieve on a daily basis. Following your plan will minimize the amount of distractions within your life.

20. Strive for perfection. We all make mistakes, but we must not use that as an excuse for not trying. Pick yourself up and go for the gusto.

I hope that at least one of these 20 steps will help you to fulfill your aspirations this year. Let us work towards making 2021 the best year of our lives.

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