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During my brief stay in the Midwest, I had bratwurst. I did not even know they existed and although they left a positive impression. Years had passed before trying them again.

Well that all changed in the later part of 2019. I stumbled across Johnsonville Spicey Bratwurst at the local grocery and reminisced of prior days and had the itch to try something new.

A simple pan fry with onions, peppers and finished with a beer brine. I have tried a fair share however my notable favorites are amber style beers.

Jazzed up with condiments. Old world style mustard, spicey brown mustard, sweet pickle relish, garlic sauce, jalapenos and siracha chili sauce. The fries are fresh cut Idaho potatoes, well-seasoned with Tony Chachere topped with malt vinegar.

Incredibly simple, convenient, perfect for a game or get-together cooking for small or large parties. A sausage dog on steroids bursting at seems with flavor robust and satisfying as it packs a punch.

At my local markets I have come to notice bratwurst or readily available however limited in selection. As a light intro should you find them appealing. I highly recommend checking out local butchers and deli for added variety. While in East Texas a local market which paired as a gas station had original, mild and spicey and a house version I recall was more heavily flavored with molasses. They were all outstanding and added additional depths of flavor.

As they favor in Chicago, no ketchup on hotdogs. Well, these are not hotdogs; however, I still do not use ketchup. I will try about any variant of mustard and hot sauce, sweet hot peppers and sauerkraut are highly favored too.
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Homestyle Brat and Friestaken via samsung note 8 by AD

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