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Accountability. When will enough be enough to justify a significant change? Current reports suggest the Texas National Guard needs excess of 500m USD to continue operations in the coming month reported excess of 100k plus migrants due to cross the border in the coming days, weeks or months and seeing a current influx that of the likes of which we have never seen.

As an avid follower of current events, I recall coming across this suggestion a few months back and best to my recollection migrants were being flown on private charter jets to strategic locations throughout the US. However, on this run they intend to use charter busses. Well, okay.

Added caveat, its reported free government issued smart phones are being handed out at the boarder per Jen Psaki. The simple truth is little no efforts coming from the Biden Administration to deter illegal border crossings. Plenty of motivation and incentives are being made to actively promote it. All in lieu of a couple billion dollars in aid provided to Ukraine for deference all in the mist of our supply chain being destabilized with accompanied with skyrocketing inflation.

Utter incompetence followed by the inept ability to offer any real sustainable solution with a 2-year track record of just about every action via legislation and or policy having almost immediate negative impact on the American People regardless of background, cultural or political affiliation. While it’s absolutely true everyone isn't being impacted at the same level or inconvenience misguided social affiliation-based policy versus functional policy with a positive yield on sustainability of society as a whole is crippling our economy and high standard way of life at an astonishing rate.

Only 3 weeks into the Russia / Ukraine Special Military Operation / War and we've hardly felt the real impact on our Land. In coming weeks, we can expect another estimated 100k plus refugees/ migrants further destabilizing our resources all while simultaneously the spending power of every American swindles due to inflation. Make no mistake, I'm not against any person from any country or culture taking all measures to secure a safe environment for themselves and family. My commentary is 100% focused on critiquing the poor decisions made at the top that are furthering our destabilization on behalf of everyone versus securing a safe and risk adverse scenario ensuring market sustainability. Long hand essay for our resources is miss allocated. Should, Gov Abbott follow through with this plan this should be the wakeup call DC needs to face the reality of their decision to end Title 42.

Excerpt from Wikepedia: Title 42 expulsions are removals by the U.S. government of persons who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present. The extent of authority for contagion-related expulsions is set out by law in 42 U.S.C. § 265. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration used this provision (section 265) to generally block land entry for many migrants. The program has been continued by the Biden administration.[1]

As a purposeful and intended exaggeration for entertainment theatrics we could draw a comparison to a self-inflected and intended politically correct invasion of migrants with intent to witness the maximum impact of destabilization. With further context added, we have Hunter Bidens Laptop making fresh headlines and peace talks on the verge of seeing some genuine strides made and naturally all on the cusp of another one of many self-inflected social disasters.

Should I be proven wrong it would be my highest honor to admit over speculation. However, year to date I hold myself guilty of a lack of credited exposure. The objective is to share absolute truth via abstract viewpoints enabling time followed by action to redirect course.

We the People need materialized life resources and financial impact at the ground level to aide families, small businesses and the less fortunate alike to offset the shockwaves to come. Should I be proven right.

Written By: Adrian Demery



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