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In pure form, few things excite me more than the delicacy of our highly coveted American Grill / Pub Fairs. Cheeseburgers, Philly Cheesesteaks, Fish & Chips, complete with appetizers ig: mozzarella cheese sticks in some rarer instances pepper jack sticks and or cheese curds etc.. etc.. and how can one forget chicken wings. Nonetheless just sharing my affection and admiration for the staples within our culture that compliment all things great times and memories. Rather it be a quick lunch break, and casual dinner date, or a night on the town pre gaming followed by other festivities.

There so many options and all unique from both the culinary perspective as well as atmosphere for the desired vibe. Hands down one of my absolute favorite year to date is the Goat Cheese Burger from Buff Burger. I will make an attempt to share what I've picked up as a patron at the same token, its best getting input directly from the source. Therefore I will tread lightly as all masterpieces are shown in their best light by their creator.

Upon entry, I noticed an elaborate open flame grill loaded with pecan wood. The patty is of the highest gourmet quality solid, thick and dense full of flavor locally sourced from 44 Farms. One can't help but notice the numerous references to organic and locally sourced ingredients throughout the restaurant. Perfectly seasoned and cooked to customers desired temperature, topped with arugula oven roasted tomato creamed goat cheese (ask employee or management for specifics). I have always opted for additional slice of gouda and/ or pepper jack and grilled onions. The truffle fries are nothing short of amazing and the homemade truffle tots edge them out slightly in my humble opinion. There is a small tap selection among my favorites being 512 Pecan Porter among a few selections from local breweries. The atmosphere I've experienced has proven to be consistent, easy to get in and out of with an estimated wait of 10 mins or less to be served. Excellent foodie vibes if the focus is more on the menu vs a typical sports bar or lively entertainment venue. Service has always proven to be excellent and consistent, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see surges at anytime. I'm simply sharing my experiences to date.

Additional honorable mentions on the menu:

The Texas: Crispy Onions, Espresso BBQ Sauce, Tillamook Cheddar, Thick Cut Bacon, House Pickle

Blue: Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Bourbon Onion Jam, Thick-Cut Bacon, Arugula

Yardbird: Buttermilk Fried, House Pickle, Buff SSS Sauce

And many more for additional info please reference their website: www.

Buff Burger

Address: 1014 Wirt Rd # 220, Houston, TX 77055

Tel: 281.501.9773
Buff Goat Cheese Burgertaken by Adrian Demery

Written By: Adrian Demery

Direct: +1(318)310-0331

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