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Adrian Demery @ Dragos Downtown New OrleansTaken via my samsung by former Dillard Uni Classmate Rod

An introduction to new venture as a freelance content creator with a journalistic perspective. Most of my work has been via the popular social media app however this presents itself as a new opportunity for a different kind of audience and interaction with the public.

Followers can expect to see content as it relates to Food Blogging, Personal Fitness, and all things current events. Fair warning my train of thought is to detect what is intended not necessarily what is presented. It’s a healthy exercise to expand on thoughts and the publication of current events. Granted, it can come off as highly controversial nonetheless equally insightful by design, omission, or layers of realization.

All things being equal we will see a shift soon where gradually the content focus is event driven versus deciphering driven. My preferred demographic is the Humans. How they were born, how they have grown and, in any form, or condition they happen to be in at the time of contact. I value, human decency and respect is paramount. I can appreciate we all have our own lifestyle preferences if it’s not at the expense of another. It’s my hunch my days of freelance human coding will transcending into simply being present. Nonetheless as information flows, I look forward to volunteering my insight and interpretation for all absorb at their God given rate of interpretation and understanding.

My opinions are of my own and not based in bias. They are a collection of all data and elements known to me. All feedback and modes of communication or embraced and gratitude extended in advance.

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