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Infant Almost Dies from Over 50 Rat Bites: Shocking Case of Parental Neglect in Indiana

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In a shocking and heartbreaking case of parental neglect, we delve into a harrowing incident in Indiana, where an infant was found with over 50 rat bites. This incident sheds light on the devastating consequences when the responsibility of parenthood is ignored. The story unravels a horrifying tale of conditions that put the child's life at risk, prompting us to examine the importance of nurturing and protecting our most vulnerable members of society. The distressing details of this incident highlight the need for awareness, intervention, and the urgent demand for parental accountability.

The Incident

A couple and their relative in Evansville, Indiana, have been charged after their infant child sustained severe injuries from multiple rat bites in a rodent-infested dwelling.

On September 13th, Evansville Police Department responded to a distress call from the father, David Anthony Schonabaum, reporting that his six-month-old baby boy was found face down in his bassinet with wounds on his face and body. The child had over 50 rat bites on his head and a deep flesh wound on his finger.

Hospital records confirmed that the infant's injuries were life-threatening.

David revealed that they had sought professional help for their rat problem and received multiple treatments since spring 2023. The Schonabaums and their three children, along with Angel's sister Delaina Thurman and her two children, lived in the same house. Angel had recently been discharged from a mental health facility. The other children reported mice biting their toes while they slept. The Department of Child Safety (DCS) visited the residence, but Thurman claimed the toe marks were from scratching against the bed frame. The Schonabaums had previous encounters with the DCS, with charges of maltreatment in December 2022 and allegations of physical abuse against David in June 2023.

The injured baby has been released from the hospital and placed in foster care. David faces three counts of neglect of a dependent child, while Angel faces five. They both remain in custody on a $10,000 bond. Thurman is held on a $2,500 bond.

Rat Bites Inflict Severe Injuries on an Infant.

Rat bites can have serious consequences, including the risk of infections such as tetanus and rat-bite fever. Infants are particularly vulnerable to such attacks with their delicate skin and developing immune systems. These injuries can leave long-lasting physical and emotional scars on the child, impacting their overall well-being. Parents must seek immediate medical attention to treat rat bite injuries and prevent further complications. The health and safety of our children should always be the top priority, and neglecting such damages can have devastating consequences.

Details of the Stunning Incident

The infant's parents were neglectful and had a severe hoarding issue that attracted rats into their homes. The house's excessive clutter and foul odors were reported by concerned neighbors who had no idea of the severity of the situation. The conditions were so dire that animal control authorities had to intervene to remove the rats from the premises and create a safe environment for other children living in proximity. Child protective services have now stepped in to address parental neglect and ensure the injured infant receives the necessary care and support. This case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of neglecting the living conditions of children and the importance of immediate intervention when such neglect is discovered.

Raising Awareness

Sharing this shocking case can help raise awareness about the issue of parental neglect and its consequences. Through stories like these, we shed light on the darker aspects of our society, and by doing so, we can encourage people to be more vigilant and report any signs of child neglect they may encounter.

Raising awareness about child neglect is crucial to prevent future incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of all children. By sharing stories like this, we can educate others about the importance of early intervention and support for at-risk families. Ultimately, it is only through collective action and a commitment to protecting our most vulnerable that we can truly make a difference in the lives of innocent children.

The Importance of Sharing Stories Like This

Sharing stories like this helps break the silence around child neglect and encourages others to speak up if they suspect abuse or neglect. It is often by sharing stories of real-life incidents that we can truly grasp the magnitude of the problem and realize that it is not something that only happens to others.

Stories like this remind us of the importance of community involvement in protecting vulnerable children. We cannot rely solely on institutions and authorities to prevent and address cases of parental neglect; it requires the active participation of everyone in the community.

Sharing stories like this can help dismantle the stigma of reporting child neglect and create a supportive environment for survivors. Many people hesitate to say instances of disrepair due to fear of judgment or retaliation, but by shedding light on these issues, we can create a safe space where survivors feel heard and supported.

By sharing stories like this, we can advocate for more robust policies and interventions to prevent cases of parental neglect. Through raising awareness about these incidents and their consequences, we can drive the necessary changes at a systemic level to protect children from the devastating effects of neglect.

Educating others about Child Neglect and its Consequences

Educating others about child neglect is essential in promoting a culture where the safety and well-being of children are prioritized. By providing education on the signs of child neglect, we empower individuals to recognize these indicators and take appropriate action. Furthermore, educating others about the long-term impact of neglect on a child's physical, emotional, and cognitive development helps raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue. Through education, we can work together to create a society where every child is protected from neglect and abuse.


Parental neglect in Indiana, with an infant suffering over 50 rat bites, is a clear reminder of the dangers. Immediate intervention and child protective services are crucial. Raising awareness about child neglect and its consequences is vital to prevent future incidents and ensure children's safety. Sharing stories educates others about early intervention and support for at-risk families. Collective action and protecting the vulnerable make a difference. Sharing stories also breaks the silence, encourages reporting, and removes stigma. Shedding light on these issues advocates for robust policies and interventions. We can create a society that prioritizes children's well-being through education and awareness.

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