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The Search for Ella: Friend Turned Detective Races Against Time to Uncover the Truth!

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A Close Friend Seeks Justice for Missing Louisiana Native Ella Goodie

A looming mystery surrounds the sudden vanishing of 33-year-old Ella Goodie, a Lafayette, Louisiana native who was last witnessed on March 9, 2022, providing transportation for someone from her home state to Texas. Ella, a woman described as a pillar of support and a beacon of positivity, disappeared without a trace, leaving her dear friend, Felicia Broussard, grappling for answers.
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Felicia, who considers Ella more like a sister than a friend, recalls their meeting over two decades ago in a facility for troubled adolescents. Since their paths crossed, a deep bond formed, nurtured by mutual respect and the shared experience of difficult childhoods. "She's always had a tougher journey compared to most," Felicia mentioned, reflecting on Ella's role as the primary caregiver for her handicapped mother and younger brother.
Photo byFelicia Broussard

Despite the hardships, Ella exuded an uplifting energy, an unbreakable spirit that endeared her to many. Even when faced with financial difficulties earlier in 2022, Ella managed to maintain her uplifting demeanor. Felicia encouraged her to consider working for rideshare services like Lyft to make ends meet, a suggestion Ella eventually embraced, albeit with some initial reluctance.

Just days before she vanished, Ella shared her new ventures with Felicia, recounting her experiences of meeting new people through her informal rideshare service. But when the daily conversations suddenly halted, alarm bells started ringing in Felicia's mind. Concern transformed into dread when she realized Ella's teenage children hadn't seen their mother since March 9th.
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As the hours turned into days, Felicia's worry escalated into sheer terror. With a group of volunteers by her side, she launched a frantic search for Ella on March 11, urging others to spread the word and join in the search. Ella's brother filed a missing person report, and the Louisiana State Police Department took up the case, delving deep into the unsettling disappearance.

The investigation soon shifted gears, evolving from a missing person inquiry into a potential homicide case, as per the updates from the police department. In a distressing development, Ella's car - a black 2012 Audi Q5 - was recovered in St. Joseph, Missouri, a staggering 13 hours away from her home. With mounting evidence pointing towards foul play, the focus turned towards Brandon Francisco, a passenger last seen with Ella and now identified as a person of interest in the case.
Brandon FranciscoPhoto byRapides Parish Sheriff's Office

Francisco, however, carries a dark past. Arrested for unrelated crimes, he pled guilty to a second-degree murder charge from an incident dating back to 2018. Notoriously known for a history steeped in violence, Francisco had previously served a decade-long sentence for attempting to murder his then-wife in the early 2000s.

As the investigation marches on, Ella's loved ones, spearheaded by Felicia, persist in their quest for justice. United in grief and determination, they continue to raise awareness about Ella's case, fervently hoping to uncover the truth behind her mysterious disappearance.

Ella, who is recognized by her warm brown eyes, the same hue as her hair, and distinctive tattoos, including a Houston Texans bull gracing her neck, is much more than just a missing person's statistic. She is a cherished daughter, mother, and a beloved friend. "She is beautiful, in every sense of the word," asserts Felicia, who vows to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice.

The Louisiana State Police Department urges anyone with information that might shed light on Ella Goodie's whereabouts to come forward, encouraging potential informants to contact them at 318-484-2194, as a community impatiently awaits the return of one of its own, hoping against hope for a positive resolution in a case tinged with sadness and desperation.

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