Types of Newcomers Who Call Texas Home and How to Spot Them [Opinion ]

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Y'all ready for this? Texas has been witnessing a massive wave of newcomers, and it's not just the Californians hogging the spotlight. From every corner of the country and even abroad, people are flocking to the Lone Star State like there's no tomorrow. So, let's dive into the fascinating world of Texas transplants and discover the six distinct types you're likely to encounter in the wild.

  1. The "Californian Convert" - They left behind the sunny shores of California and can't resist bragging about it. These folks will make sure you know they miss the Golden State while simultaneously criticizing everything about Texas, from the size of our bugs to the spiciness of our Tex-Mex. Bless their hearts, they just can't help themselves.
  2. The "Austin Aficionado" - You know this type when you see them. They believe Austin is the alpha and omega of Texas, the be-all and end-all of cities. It's as if they think the entire state revolves around the hipster havens and taco trucks of the capital. Don't get me wrong, Austin is fantastic, but there's a whole wide world of Texas beyond its city limits.
  3. The "Wide-Eyed Global Adventurer" - These worldly souls hail from distant lands, with their jaws dropping at the Texan ways of life. They find Texans to be the friendliest creatures on Earth, and they can't stop marveling at how everything is just bigger here, from the streets to the personalities. It's like they've stepped into a parallel universe where everything is a delightful surprise.
  4. The "Tech Bro Disciple" - Ah, yes, the disciples of Elon Musk. They've come to Austin to chase their dreams of tech stardom, hoping to emulate the success of their idol. Spot them in bars, suited up, bragging about their intelligence and their inevitable ascent to greatness in Musk's empire. Don't be surprised if they're carrying a notepad full of "brilliant" ideas.
  5. The "Budget Bandit" - These savvy individuals sought refuge in Texas because they heard it was a haven of affordability. With no state income tax and lower price across the board, they're here to make their wallets happy. Housing, gas, and even a plate of mouthwatering barbecue won't break the bank. Who can blame them for wanting to stretch their dollars a little further?
  6. The "Return of the Native" - We all have that friend who jetted off to chase their big-city dreams in New York or Hollywood, only to return tail between their legs. They realized that life elsewhere can be mighty expensive, and they come back to Texas seeking that warm embrace of affordable living. We've got it good here, and they know it.

So, keep your eyes peeled, fellow Texans, because these newbies are infiltrating our beloved state from all corners of the globe. Embrace them with open arms and show them the true spirit of Texas hospitality. Together, let's celebrate the vibrant tapestry of cultures and personalities that make the Lone Star State the unique and thriving place we call home. Yeehaw!

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