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How is Experience the Best Learning Process, many agree

Experience is the best learning processNick Morrison/Unsplash

If you are a regular subscriber you have noticed my irregular and infrequent posting on Vocal and Medium. This is not what you may think, I want to share my experience with other writers about the effects of inconsistent publishing. And believe me, experience is the best learning process when it comes to writing.

Over the last few weeks, I have been dealing with other life issues, which left no time for writing. Im sure you have read many articles and probably gasp when I said I had no time to write. You must know that to maintain a living from writing requires at least 1 publication every 2 days or less.

And if you know this, then you have read articles about the effects of inconsistently publishing writings. And speaking from experience the effects are damaging but true. Over the time I was dormant, my readers' views went from 20+ daily to >5. The daily subscriber rate dropped from 5 weekly to 1 in 3 weeks.

These aren't high numbers like many of the well-known writers but these were the highest numbers I had. More so, they were consistently high numbers and this is better than just 1-day numbers. This isn't all, inconsistent writing also puts your writing skills in jeopardy. It is a case of "Practice makes Perfect" when it comes to writing. The more you write the better you are at writing!

What you should learn from my experience.

The truth is you will not appreciate certain things until you have experienced them for yourself. And that is alright! It doesn't matter how many times the people around you caution or even threaten you about the effects of an action, you just wouldn't understand completely.

Please don't take my words are a "go ahead" to try all sorts of crazy things so you can share your experience for or against it. Instead take it from a curious soul, like you, who always wants to speak from experience. Some advice should be taken at its word, you don't need to suffer through an avoidable experience just to tell a story.

This is 1 of those experiences. The most important principle in writing is consistency. Without it, your views, subscribers, and income will suffer. There are times when life forces roadblocks and huddles and even hoops in your path. the best way to minimize this damage is to bounce back as quickly as possible. Just go straight through whatever it is.

So here are a few tips I have established to help me avoid another experience like this.

1. Establish a realistic publishing schedule. Realistic is the operative word here. You should not make decisions without calculating all the parameters first. I choose to publish 3 articles weekly, And you should choose a time that's best for you. This gives me at least 24 hours to write and get the article published. Any research I need will be done in the time as well.

2. Make a list of topics every month. This I have found to be a major help since 1 of the biggest problems in writing is writer's block. Choose your topics beforehand, do the research then write the article. It saves time and helps productivity.

3. Establish a structure for your articles. The structure of the article is the format. By establishing a strict format and sticking to it writing becomes even easier. After research, compiling any article becomes a breeze with a working format. In each category, try to assign a total number of words.

4. Use Grammarly! I cannot say this enough. Grammarly has been my guide through my writing journey and in my academic work as well. Grammarly corrects everything from spelling to grammatical errors. Grammarly has helped me to become a better writer and it will do the same for you too. Over time you will notice fewer grammatical and spelling errors in the raw finished piece.

Your own experience is by far the best teacher you will have. Though this is, some advice is worth "taken at its word". And this is 1 of those times. Inconsistent writing will decrease the total views, likes, and subscribers. To avoid this problem, even when life throws obstacles in your way, try these 4 tips:

  1. Establish a realistic publishing schedule.
  2. Make a list of topics for the month.
  3. Develop a format for your articles.
  4. Use Grammarly!

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