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My name is Abigail and I have been on many adventures. Check out my YouTube channel Abigail's Adventures. My recent travels are in Las Vegas and Rocky Point. Arizona is filled with a variety of beautiful and distinctive towns. Wilcox, Kingman, Bisbee, and Tombstone are all towns in Arizona that make you feel like you traveled back in time. They each have unique qualities about them that make you feel a glimpse of the past.

Willcox, Arizona

Willcox is a small country town with a Rex Allen Museum, Marty Robbins Museum, a historical theater, and a lot of old abandoned buildings. The town of Willcox has an old western look and country feel to it that takes you back in time.

Willcox has a lot of abandoned buildings and houses. On the way to Apple Annie's, I saw this beautiful, abandoned house. I look at the picture of this house and wonder who lived there and what the story behind the house is. I wonder when the house was built. Old and abandoned buildings are like history frozen in time. Willcox has many abandoned buildings that make you wonder what life was like during the time before the building was abandoned.
A photo of an abandoned house near Willcox, ArizonaAbigail Littrell
Apple Annie's is a place in Willcox that has fields of trees to pick apples from. Apple Annie's also has a pumpkin patch. I love Apple Annie's pumpkin patch so much because of its sunflower field. It cost a dollar to pick sunflowers from the field.
A photo of me with a sunflower from the Apple Annie's sunflower fieldAbigail Littrell

Picking apples at Apple Annie's is a peaceful experience. Apple Annie's has cute gift shops and country stores to get jams, honey, and more!
A photo of the Apple trees at Apple Annie'sEbay

Kingman, Arizona
A photo of a billboard in Kingman ArizonaAbigail Littrell

I love the historical area of Kingman, Arizona because it feels like an adventure in the 1950s. Everything here makes you feel like you traveled back in time.
A photo of me outside the Mohave Museum in KingmanAbigail Littrell

Kingman, Arizona has a couple of museums. The museums have old cars, murals, and old trains. The museum at the Kingman visitor center has statues representing historical times. There are also set ups of vintage places such as an old barber shop and gas station. The museum also has old cars, vintage posters, and more! Below is a video of the gift shop area of the Kingman Visitor Center.
A photo of me with an old car at the Kingman Visitor Center MuseumAbigail Littrell

Kingman has historical trains at Locomotive Park.
A photo of me with one of the old trainsAbigail Littrell

Kingman, Arizona has Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley stuff everywhere! Kingman makes you feel like you're in the 1950s.
A photo of me with Elvis Presley in KingmanAbigail Littrell

Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner in Kingman, Arizona is a 50s vintage themed diner and restaurant. The diner has cute vintage decorations everywhere including Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley pictures! It also has an old-school jukebox. Check out this video of me exploring the diner!

Bisbee, Arizona
A photo of Bisbee, ArizonaAbigail Littrell

Bisbee Arizona is a colorful town with old buildings and beautiful architecture. There are many antique shops, souvenir stores, and murals. This town has an old-school feel to it. It's a very historic place. Check out my video of me exploring Bisbee!

There are unique hotels to stay at in Bisbee. The Copper Queen Hotel offers ghost adventures and haunted rooms for your stay. Bisbee also has mine tours for the Copper Queen Mine.
A photo of the Copper Queen MineTrip Advisor

Tombstone, Arizona
A photo of Tombstone, ArizonaAbigail Littrell

Tombstone will make you feel like you traveled through time to the old west. Explore the western town and watch gunfight shows. There are actors all around the town that are meant to stay in character and make you feel like you are in the old west.

There are endless things to do in Tombstone. You can go on trolley rides, ghost tours, explore inside buildings, and eat at western-themed restaurants. Tombstone is free to explore. Only gunfight shows, tours, and more cost money.
A photo of me at Tombstone, ArizonaAbigail Littrell

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