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A photo of a GoPro camera and the sunsetGoPro

Hi, my name is Abigail, and I love hiking, traveling, and adventuring. Check out my YouTube channel Abigail's Adventures. My recent adventures are in Las Vegas and Rocky Point. These are great products that I think other travelers and adventurers would love!

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GoPro Hero Camera
GoPro Hero 10GoPro

Almost all of my YouTube videos I filmed using the GoPro Hero 9. There is an upgraded GoPro out called the GoPro Hero 10. There are slight upgrades of what the GoPro Hero 9 already offers. When I first started my YouTube channel, I had the worst camera. It was an old Sony camera I had for five years. The quality was so bad, and my footage was always shaky. You can still watch some of my old videos on my YouTube channel. Compared to my new content, the old videos on my channel are horrific. However, it wasn't because I was bad at filming. It was my camera. So, then I started doing research on better cameras I could buy. My brother told me about the GoPro and how it's basically the perfect camera for adventurers. We watched YouTube videos about the GoPro. After watching videos about it, I was hooked on the idea of getting a GoPro. Here are the features of the GoPro that make it such a great camera.

High Video Quality

The quality of the footage from a GoPro is outstanding. You can record videos in 4k or 5k video quality. The camera also captures high-quality photos. Just to show you how beautiful the footage of a GoPro is, I'm going to show you the difference between my old videos and new videos. Here is a clip of my old YouTube video using a five-year-old Sony Camera.

Now here is the newest video on my YouTube channel I filmed using my GoPro Hero 9.

Here is another video of mine that shows the beautiful quality of the GoPro Hero 9. In this video, I have multiple time lapses, slow motion footage, and underwater footage I recorded using the GoPro. This video shows the creative projects that are possible to create using the camera.

Time Lapses

One amazing quality of the GoPro Hero 9 is the time-lapse feature. I have recorded countless high-quality time lapses using my GoPro.

Check out these time lapses of the city and stars I captured using my GoPro Hero 9!

This is a compilation of beach time lapses I recorded using my GoPro Hero 9.

Underwater Footage

Another great feature of the GoPro Hero 9 is that it records beautiful underwater footage. You do need to get a waterproof case though. Click here to get the case: Check out some underwater footage I recorded using my GoPro in the video below.

Some more underwater footage that I recorded using my GoPro!

Durability, Smoothness, and Size

The GoPro Hero 9 is also a great camera because of its durability. With accessories, you can clip the GoPro on surfboards and bikes. I rode a roller coaster with it. The camera also has a feature to keep shaky footage smooth. Like I said, with my old camera all my footage would be shaky and bad quality. So, the smoothness and quality features are what attracted me to the GoPro camera the most. The GoPro is also a tiny camera, so it is convenient to carry around during adventures. Here is a video I recorded of a roller coaster using my GoPro.

GoPro Quik App

The GoPro Quik App allows you to upgrade your GoPro and get footage from the GoPro on to your phone. Click here to check it out: GoPro Quik App

Why The GoPro is a Great Camera

I have been happy with the GoPro camera for about a couple of years now. The durability, smoothness, high quality, and size made me love this camera. It is a beneficial camera for people who love exploration and travel. It is convenient and perfect for adventures anywhere.

GoPro Hero 9 bundle with accessories and Sd Card:

GoPro Hero 10 bundle with accessories and Sd Card:

Safety Keychain

Anyone can benefit from having a safety keychain. Sometimes traveling, hiking, and adventuring can be dangerous, especially when you are by yourself. Below is a photo of a safety keychain I recommend buying.

The safety keychain contains several self-defense items such as a knife, pepper spray, and an alarm. The keychain is a great item to have on hand during adventures. I think this safety keychain is the most beneficial one I found on amazon because it includes almost everything needed. Other keychains have an alarm and glass breaker but no pepper spray. It is essential to have a variety of options for self-defense. You never know what kind of situation you might get stuck in. The photo below explains all the items on the keychain.

Click here to check the price on Amazon:

Adventure Challenge Journal

If you are into adventures and experiencing new things, then this is the book for you. The journal has adventure ideas concealed on every page that you have to scratch off. It is categorized by price, time, location, and more. You don't know what the adventure is until you scratch it off. The rule is that you have to do the challenge no matter what. There are a variety of options for the journal. You can get a couples, friends, family, and solo edition.
A photo of a page inside The Adventure Challenge JournalThe Adventure Challenge

I remember seeing this video a couple of years ago about the Adventure Challenge Journal. This YouTuber does random acts of kindness for people, so he decided to make someone's day and take them on a date using the Adventure Challenge Book.

Couples edition:

Friends edition:

Family edition:

Solo edition:

Instax Mini Camera

I personally have an Instax Mini Camera, and I love it. I have had it for three years or more now. It takes photos and then prints them out. Below is a picture of a pack of accessories you can get along with the camera on Amazon. It is a great camera to go with the Adventure Challenge Book. You can put your pictures that develop from the camera in the Adventure Challenge Book. I love using my Instax mini when traveling. I have taken many cute and aesthetic photos using the camera.

Click here to check the price on amazon:
A photo of the Instax Mini and accessoriesFujiFilm

The pack comes with a photo book to put your pictures in. The camera is a great way to have printed-out photos of your travels and adventures.
The Instax Mini photo albumFujiFilm

If you don't have it already, Amazon Prime is a great service to have. I like to get my products as soon as possible and Amazon Prime makes that happen. Amazon Prime offers free shipping, same-day delivery, free e-books, prime video, and music streaming. You can try amazon prime for free for 30 days.

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