GaryVee's successful launch of the new book "Twelve and a half" will revolutionise the publishing industry forever

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Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and now an NFT innovator Gary Vaynerchuk pre-launched his new book Twelve and a half on 27th Aug. The book explores the twelve essential emotional skills integral to life, business and success and provides readers with critical tools to acquire and develop these traits. Without even reading the book, I can tell patience, kindness, empathy, and accountability will be top of the list.

But that is not the coolest part about this pre-launch. GaryVee once again leveraged the potential of NFTs in the most innovative way possible. I wrote about the potential of NFTs for authors earlier, but Gary took it a step ahead and achieved something unimaginable.

The Announcement

On Friday, August 27th at 4 PM ET, GaryVee announced the pre-launch of his new book Twelve and a half. The book will be going live on November 16th, and an epic surprise gift will be airdropped on the day to all those who pre-order 12 physical copies of the book and upload the receipts on the website form within 24 hours of the announcement.

12 purchased books = 1 airdropped surprise

24 purchased books = 2 airdropped surprise

and so on.

In essence, one should pre-order as many books as they can afford in increments of 12 within 24 hours. The deadline for book purchase was set to August 28th at 5 PM ET.

The surprise gift will most likely be an NFT along with some perks, as Gary also asked everyone to set up their cryptocurrency wallet during the live stream.

The entire announcement was a 2.45 hrs live stream and the recording can be found here.

The Intent of This Strategy

According to Gary, his new book is for everyone. He is confident that it will transform lives, and he wants every coach, leader, start-up, corporation and sports organisation to read the book.

The intent is to incentivise purchasing books in bulk and deliver value to his community and readers through NFTs. Every person who buys in increments of 12 will have so many extra copies that they will naturally donate them to their local schools and libraries. Some people may even give it to their co-workers for free. All this will help spread the book and its message to the world.

The Aftermath of Announcement

Soon after the announcement, the news broke on social media, and everyone started flooding their Twitter feeds with the screenshot of their receipts thanking GaryVee for this wonderful opportunity.

When Gary started the live stream, the book was ranked #9443 on Amazon. It became the #1 Bestseller on Amazon within a few hours across various countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia.

The official pre-order numbers are not out yet, but looking at the VeeFriends Discord and tweets, I am pretty sure it’s one of the highest-selling books on the first day of its pre-launch. Some are saying it's more than $1Million copies. Imagine, the book is not even released yet!

The biggest takeaway for me is that there are still about two and a half months left until the book goes live, and everyone is already talking about it. Gary and his team have been regularly sharing sneak peek of the book on social media, which adds to the excitement. People will have surplus copies once it goes live, and if at all someone wants to sell them, they have skin in the game to raise awareness. Not the publishing house or the book store. Talk about marketing innovation!

Why Did It Work?

Gary is highly respected and valued in the small, close-knit NFT community. He has already demonstrated his capabilities of delivering consistent value to his community through VeeFriends. Most people who did not believe in him during the VeeFriends launch, regret their decision as the NFTs are now worth a minimum of 20x their initial price (Floor price is 10 ETH from the initial mint price of about 0.5 ETH).

He calls this new opportunity a redemption for those who fucked up in May during the VeeFriends launch. It’s like an extended version of it. It will not be as valuable and unique as VeeFriends, but Gary promised that it will be worth the investment for everyone.

Respect and credibility is something Gary has earned over the last two decades, and he has leveraged it in his very own Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook style. Not everyone can pull this off so effectively. The video live stream announcement with Q&A was instrumental in creating the hype and making this launch a success.

Benefits of This Strategy to the Future of Publishing

The innovative approach of leveraging the potential of NFTs for a book launch seems to be the future, and one must not underestimate its benefits.

  • Utility for early adopters — It creates future opportunities and utilities for early supporters. NFTs can potentially become access tokens (through smart contracts) for book launch anniversary parties, conferences and other events.
  • Funds for marketing campaigns — The launch of an NFT along with a book launch is in itself an excellent marketing strategy at this stage. As it gets popular, the funds acquired through the early sale of books can be utilised for future marketing and operational costs.
  • Building a community — Gary built a community and is now leveraging NFTs to strengthen it further. One can reverse engineer this strategy to build a thriving NFT community that can support the book launch. It allows a shift of revenue from marketers to the readers. What better way to build a community?
  • Increased awareness and sales — At the end of the day, a successful book launch requires book sales, and this is an excellent way to raise awareness and increase sales.

Potential Limitations

While there are many benefits of an NFT based strategy for a book launch, there are also potential limitations.

  • Execution is complex — Not everyone can deliver on NFT strategies. GaryVee is a businessman and innovator who understands the NFT world. He has executed one of the most innovative and successful NFT projects, i.e. VeeFriends. The success of the book launch is a result of that.
  • People may lose money — There is a risk that the NFTs may not be as valuable in the future, and people lose their money. The book may fail, and nobody values the NFT and its perks.
  • Not feasible for average authors — While this strategy may work for a bestselling author such as GaryVee, it may not be practical for an average author to execute this strategy. Celebrities and influencers have a following that they can leverage for their book launch, but an average author will not get that traction. A better approach for them may be to launch NFTs after the book has tasted some success.

Final Thoughts

Twelve and a half is the first and possibly the most successful NFT based book launch that we will remember for years to come. Gary Vaynerchuk has proven once again that he is not just an ideator but also the one who demonstrates to the world through execution.

The book was due to be released on 16th November worldwide, but several book stores have pushed the order delivery dates because of so much demand. The book launch has paved the path for yet another application of NFTs and smart contracts. It has the potential to transform the book publishing industry forever. This is web 3.0 for you all.

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