Michael Jackson and the Mystery Around His Demise

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Artists have lived and died but there was one legend whose death affected showbiz the most. The entertainment industry lost its reigning king on June 25th, 2009, and the world lost one of the most famous people to have ever lived. Michael Jackson was the king of pop, rock, and soul.

The 50-year-old pop star had planned a tour after ten years, and this would have been a global sensation in showbiz. Sadly, many did not realize what was slowly killing their favorite artist.

The Moment He Stopped Breathing

Although Michael Jackson was a controversial star for almost his entire career, he had been out of the spotlight for years. He was ready to set forth on his stage return in July 2009, after not being convicted of child molestation in 2005.

Everything was fine until the night of June 24th. After rehearsing for his tour, he returned to his Carolwood Drive Mansion in LA, where he died mysteriously. Michael Jackson’s death came as a total shock to everyone. But what happened that day?

On June 25th, his security guard called 911 around noon. The only witness other than him was Conrad Murray, a physician who informed that Michael was not breathing. Up until now, it was just a death investigation. At first glance, there was nothing that indicated that anything nefarious had happened.

However, Dr. Murray, the only witness to Michael Jackson’s last moments, left the hospital shortly afterward. Detectivesno longer had access to any information about how or why he may have died. The emergency room physician believed it was a heart attack. Pop’s shining star died peacefully in bed. Or had his death been painful?

In Jackson’s last moments, Dr. Murray probably treated him in a room that served as a medical facility. A saline bag, an IV stand, and various medications were scattered in the supposed medical room. A bottle of Propofol, used for anesthesia during surgery, was also found in the room. In what capacity was this severe drug used?

The Insomniac Life and Endless Pain

If one looks at the lavish lifestyle of Michael Jackson, it’s hard to believe that he spent most of his life in pain.

It all began in 1984 when a firework ignited his hair during a commercial shoot, and he caught fire. As a result, Michael was introduced to the world of pain medication while undergoing plastic surgery.

As if that was not enough, in 1997, he fell from a 50-feet aerial platform, right in the middle of a show. The accident permanently damaged his spine. He then became dependent on painkillers for the rest of his life.

Besides suffering from pain, he also had insomnia. Sometimes, he would not be able to sleep for more than three days. In the years that followed, he developed a strong addiction to Propofol. He was so used to sleeping under this sedative that he even called it his milk.

Even his last words were,

“I’d like to have some milk. Please, please give me some milk so that I can sleep because I know that this is all that really works for me.”

Most certainly, this was not a typical case of painkillers.

The Overdose to Death

Only Dr. Murray could explain why such a powerful drug was in use. During an interview with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), he admitted using Propofol for months to help Michael Jackson sleep.

He acted as if it was no big deal for him. Each night, Dr. Murray would give him anesthesia at home, without the necessary equipment that is crucial to the process.

Here is what went wrong. A doctor must have the appropriate equipment when giving patients such sedatives because the effects can be unpredictable.

Negligence of the Doctor

Now, how come a doctor did not realize this? Dr. Murray even left the room for a few minutes, during the time Michael Jackson stopped breathing. In medical terms, he had a respiratory attack. At this point, he still had a chance to be saved.

The doctor did CPR, which was ineffective because he was not able to assess the situation. However, the most unexpected discovery of the case was when Dr. Murray accidentally revealed where he hid his medical bag.

In retrospect, it was apparent that Dr. Murray took his time to clean up the mess he had created during the emergency. The bag had needles and numerous medical drugs, which he allegedly tried to conceal. What could be the reasons for that? Was this suspicious death more than just an overdose?

There were a lot of eyes on this case. People were disheartened and they wanted clear answers. It was by now evident that this was not a mistake made in good faith. There was a purpose behind it. But what could it be?

What Could Be the Reason?

The LAPD went ahead to search the places where Dr. Murray was residing. A thorough cleanup had already been done at his girlfriend’s apartment.

However, they did find a pharmaceutical receipt hidden behind a bookcase. Murray used the home of his girlfriend to receive shipments of Propofol.

Michael Jackson has also been reported to have sought out numerous doctors to help alleviate his insomnia. However, none agreed to help him out.

Hence, Dr. Murray offered Propofol as a reliever of pain. Sadly, he thought of it as the best way to sleep. As wrong as it was, he liked it.

The question is, how come a doctor, who is known for their ethics, would risk a patient’s life?

Money and Connections

Dr. Murray had several children, and he had huge debts. To get young women into relationships, he would exploit the fact that he was close to a celebrity.

Murray was penalized by several medical boards in many other states. In short, everything in his life was a mess, and he was in desperate need of money. There you go, there’s the actual motive.

That is when the LAPD discovered a contract between Murray and the AEG, the company that was managing Michael Jackson’s comeback tour.

Michael insisted on the company allowing his physician to travel with him. He needed him because no one else would agree to provide Propofol to him, and during his packed schedule, he had to sleep well. Dr. Murray needed the money at all costs.

Later on, he gave his version of what had happened that night. He said that he only gave Michael the initial dose before he went to sleep. While Murray made a phone call, Michael would put himself on a drip. In the end, the jury was not convinced, and he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Despite Michael Jackson’s condition being known to his close circle of business partners, no one truly wanted to help him get off drugs. The pop sensation and the idol of music could have been saved. If someone truly cared for him, he would have been sent to rehab and might have lived a little longer.

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