Opinion: What do you do to make your love life thrilling?

Abdullah Ali Akbar Reja

A great question to ask!

In this answer, I will reveal to you, according to my experience and my relationship, the 3 secrets to having a thrilling love life.

So let's go!

Secret No. 1: How do I create desire?

At the beginning of the relationship, the desire is always present. We make love every day, even several times a day. But now time passes, and the flame of desire becomes weaker and weaker.

So how do I restart the machine on the first day?

The answer is in two words -"The lack".

Lack creates desire. So put some distance between you and your partner. Sleep in a separate bed.

Spend a few days with your best friend. Take a vacation alone.

But there is one rule and one important point. Explain the process to your partner. He/She shouldn't feel like you're punishing him or that you're not good with him.

Tell him clearly:

"To better get to know each other, I wish to put a little space between us.!"

Secret No 2: Novelty and surprises

  • Humans love novelty.
  • Humans don't like to be bored.
  • Humans hate routine.

So do new activities as a couple!

For instance :

  • Cook with your partner
  • Go for a weekend at the beach
  • Join an association

These activities will be perfect for adding something new to your relationship.

Also, don't forget the little surprises.

  • Restaurant invitations
  • Tickets for the latest movie
  • Go get him at work
  • naughty outfits
  • Spontaneous gifts

These surprises don't cost much...

But they have a big effect!

Secret No 3: Have a goal, a goal, a dream in common

There is nothing stronger and more thrilling in a relationship than looking in the same direction.

A couple who has projects in common is much less likely to separate or be bored together. So choose your common dream together.

It can be :

  • A travel
  • Start a business
  • Move to a new country

In short…

Definitely find something that both of you are passionate about…And make it an objective, a goal, or a dream for your couple.

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