Opinion: Simple tips may help to release tension by tidying the travel bags before going out

Abdullah Ali Akbar Reja

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The fear of packing (Travel Packing Tips) adds a little tension to the fun of going out.

Who remembers the story of Jerome's "packing"? Oh, the travel bags aren't tidy. Packing is like a fight, but not just in the story. Many have such real experiences. After arranging the bag or trolley, the little member of the household is called upon to sit on the belly of the bulging bags, and only then can the chain be tightened. (Travel Packing Tips).

Car, train, or plane tickets are all cut. Hotel bookings are also good. Yet it is not possible to become a bird of the forest. The fear of packing adds a little tension to the fun of going out.

However, if you are a little aware, there will be no defects in the packing. The packing episode can be pleasant and perfect if we follow certain things. How? Here are some tips.

Garment folded round:

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Do not fold clothes while packing. The suitcase fills up a little. So jeans, shirts, tops, and vests have to be rolled up. It will take less space, and the rolled-up clothes can be placed on top of the other garments. This way, many things can be taken.

Which is the first and which is the last?

Before going on a trip, everything has a definite plan. When and where to go on a trip is also decided in advance. So, clothes should be put in the bag according to the travel plan. The last day's clothes will be at the end of it all.

Heavy clothing at the bottom:

We should put heavy items such as shoes and sweaters at the bottom of the bag. Moreover, there is a fear that the dirty shoes will get smeared on the clothes. So before filling them in the bag, they should be thoroughly cleaned and put in the shoe bag or shower cap. Then everything will be fine.

Travel Organizer:

Travel Organizer CubesAmazon Basics

Many people want to wear expensive shirts or tops while traveling. They can be kept in a plastic layer or travel organizer when inserted into the bag. There will be no possibility of crease marks on expensive clothes.

Let there be some available places:

While traveling, many people buy something as a souvenir of that place. There is also something to buy for the little ones or relatives. They also have to be brought. So you have to leave some space in the bag. Otherwise, they have to be stuffed to get them.

Two bags:

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Usually, not all packs are packed in one bag, only two or three. In this case, it would be wise to keep light clothes in one bag and heavy clothes in the other.

Bathroom Kit:

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It is better to keep all the equipment for the bathroom kit in a suitcase only after filling it up with a transparent pouch bag. It will be easy to get things on hand when needed.

At hand:

Tickets, sunglasses, a camera, and booking papers should be kept at hand. Otherwise, you may have to open the bag again and again.


It is better to keep a beautiful, colorful scarf close at hand. If it is hot or cold, wrapping it around your head will give you better comfort.

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