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'Little Bangladesh' in Los Angeles

Abdullah Al Maruf


New York, the commercial capital of the United States, is a Bangladeshi-inhabited area. It's six o'clock in the afternoon in New York, and it's three o'clock in the afternoon in Valley City, Los Angeles, California. Although Bangladeshis in the Valley are three hours behind the clock in New York, they are not far behind in business. At least 10,000 Bangladeshis now live in the Valley, which has been growing since the early nineties. Among them, Sylhet Bangladeshis are doing unimaginably well. Although the first choice of Bangladeshis as a profession is to run cabs and restaurants, they are also moving fast in other professions.

As soon as the name of restaurant industry came in the valley, the names of Chalami, Gandhi, Chalimar and Bollywood Cap came. Bangladeshis are running these restaurants with good reputation. Among the groceries' Nani's Grocery, Halal Meat and Grocery, Seven Day Market are worth mentioning. Apart from Bangladeshis, the buyers of these groceries and restaurants are also Iranians and Indians. Although Bangladeshi men run restaurants and cabs in the valley, women work in different pharmacies. Bangladeshis are also proud owners of several gas stations. Among them, Union is coming up with services like mentioning that gas station. Among the Bangladeshis there are doctors, engineers, pharmacists who are working with a very good reputation.

There is an old social organization of Bangladeshis in the valley. The Bangladesh Association of Los Angeles (BALA) was established in 1981. In the meanwhile, due to quarrels and disputes, the activities of the organization fell into disarray. Bala has been holding the hand of the new leadership for the last two years. The president of the organization said. After Sirajul Islam and General Secretary Major (Retd.) Qutubi took the helm of the organization, Bala, an organization of hundreds of members, is being praised everywhere. After Bala in the Valley, there is Fends Club, which deals with players who have contributed to the field of sports in Bangladesh. There is a Bangla Pathshala for the growing number of Bangladeshis to take a leading part in Bengali. Zahid Hossain Pintu is handling it with utmost care. The people of the valley have taken the name of the area called Little Bangladesh, which is proudly carrying the identity of Bangladeshis in the valley.

Bangladeshi students have graduated from higher education and are contributing to mainstream jobs in the United States as well as investing in various fields in Bangladesh. Women are not lagging behind men in terms of work. They are working in pharmacy assistants, clinic offices and parlors to provide the family with golden deer dollars.

Valley-based businessman Salim Sobhan said that the story of making Bangladeshis better has not started for a long time. Bangladeshis started coming to Los Angeles or Valley after Bangladesh became independent. But this number continues to increase after OP One. Earlier one or two Bangladeshis were seen but now there are triumphs of Bangladeshis everywhere in the valley. Decades ago, Bangladeshis used to sell tickets in Hollywood and clean the hall. Now that scenario has changed.
Moazzem Chowdhury, who is associated with the local community, said that the Bangladeshis of the valley are not backward in socializing. Bangladeshis celebrate the important days of Bangladesh, especially Ekushey February, Independence Day and Victory Day. The Bangladeshi men and women of the valley are busy all year round with various programs including picnics.

According to locals, about 4 million people live in Los Angeles. Of these, the number of Bangladeshis is only about 50,000. Although Iranians control the mainstream and local business, the people of the valley are proud of the advanced business of Bangladeshis. They said Bangladeshis are doing well because of their hard work. They are leaning towards big business including gas station, restaurant, grocery.

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