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No Dead Animals And Pet Poop In NYC Compost Bins

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Residents of New York City are permitted to dispose of meat trimmings and bones in compost bins, but not their deceased pets. Used paper plates are acceptable for composting, however, cat litter is not.
Food Composting Bins.Photo byGary ChanonUnsplash

While officials are introducing free composting to the entire city, the sanitation department is warning New Yorkers of these kinds of restrictions.

So, instead of being placed in the city's brown compost bins, dirty diapers, soiled kitty litter, used dog bags, and dead rats and pigeons still go in the ordinary trash.

Keeping pathogens transferred by feces and carcasses out of the city's compost, according to sanitation officials. According to Gragnani, the rule makes compost processing "safer for all involved under the current guidelines."

Bones, Leftover Meat, And Fish

The city does permit the disposal of bones from leftover meat and fish in compost bins.

However, dead animals and pets are not permitted. New Yorkers are required by a long-standing city ordinance to deposit their deceased furry pals in plastic bags with labels for regular trash pickup.

City's Composting Facilities On Staten Island

At the city's composting facilities on Staten Island and the anaerobic digesters at Newtown Creek, the gathered organic waste is crushed by large machinery. The processed waste is then piled high outside for several months to aerate, becoming a type of nutrient-rich soil addition. According to Gragnani, the decaying process naturally produces enough heat to eradicate illnesses.

The city-wide effort aims to collect the daily 8 million pounds of organic garbage that New Yorkers discard, which if left to rot in landfills emits dangerous greenhouse gases.

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