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Video Footage Of An 8-Month-Old Baby Girl Sitting Inside The Car While a Thief Is Stealing The Car

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When a guy jumped into the driver's seat and started to drive away, the baby girl's mother and father were unloading groceries from the trunk.
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The horrifying moment a Bronx mother saw someone drive off with her car while her 8-month-old baby was still inside is captured on a shocking security camera video. According to police, the terrifying event happened on East 175th Street and Mohegan Avenue in the East Morrisania neighborhood around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday.

When a guy climbed into the driver's seat and started to drive away, the baby girl's mother and father were loading groceries out of the trunk. In a video, one of the parents can be seen pursuing the car after it began to move away. As the driver took off, the mother can be heard screaming in fear.

The car's thief soon realized the infant was still in the back seat and stopped the vehicle a short distance away. Police claim that after leaving the car, he fled. The youngster was unharmed. Police are still looking for the culprit, who they described as having on a white hooded sweatshirt. Police are requesting that anyone with knowledge about the suspect or the incident get in touch with them.

The Following Video Footage Was Published By The NBC New York

The video footage of the carjacking was published by the NBC New York News Agency.

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