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New Yorkers Are Preparing For Possible Disruptions As Donald Trump Asks Supporters To Protest

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As a result of former president Donald Trump's appeal for followers to "protest" what he claimed would be his imminent arrest next week, New York City is prepared for possible disruptions in the days to come.
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The former president made his assertion on his social media network early on Saturday morning. He is under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and might be indicted as a result.

No American President Has Ever Been Arrested

The previous president had not been informed of any arrests, according to a Trump spokesman. Trump did not address the potential charges in his post and offered no proof of leaks from the district attorney's office.

The investigation takes place as Trump vies for the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. No American president has ever been charged with a crime, either while in office or subsequently. Trump has stated that he will carry on running for office despite being accused of a crime.

A representative for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg declined to comment on his office's investigation into a $130,000 hush payment made to porn actor Stormy Daniels by Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

NYPD Spokesperson

As of today at midday, the NYPD did not know of any planned protests, according to a spokesperson.

The probe focuses on claims that porn star Stormy Daniels received hush money payments. A former president's lawyer declined to respond to Trump's accusation that he was arrested.

Advocates of the former president have criticized the probe as being politically motivated by the Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office. Bragg is a frequent target of Republican vitriol.

When Twitter and Facebook disabled his accounts in 2021 due to his remarks on January 6, Trump used the social media network, developed by his media and technology company to communicate with his fans. His account was later restored via Twitter.

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