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Man From NYC Is Charged For Stealing Expensive Narcotics From Monroe Pharmacy

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On Thursday, the final of three New York men who, according to police, stole thousands of prescription drugs from a Monroe drugstore last July was transported back to this state to face charges.
Monroe Police Department.Photo byWikimedia Creative Commons

On Thursday morning, Brooklyn, New York, resident Baheem Cooke, 22, was returned to the state and charged with multiple counts of accessory to second-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

On July 13, 2022, the Rite Aid pharmacy on Monroe Turnpike allegedly lost more than 5,000 doses of Oxycontin and other potent narcotics worth $133,000 to Cooke and three other people, according to the police. Ishmael Henry, 25, and Jason Wade, 21, both of Brooklyn, were previously detained and are currently awaiting trial.

Baheem Cooke Has a Criminal History In New York

Stephen Lojo, a deputy assistant state's attorney, pleaded with Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Reid to establish a hefty bond for Cooke during his arraignment hearing on Thursday afternoon.

Cooke has a significant criminal history in New York and is wanted for a crime in Florida, according to Lojo. Dennis Salzbrunn, an assistant public defender, requested leniency from the judge on behalf of Cooke.

The hearing was postponed until March 21 by Judge Reid, who ordered Cooke held in lieu of a $150,000 bond. Police claim that on July 13, Monroe police officers were sent to Rite Aid in response to a robbery.

According to the police, four guys arrived at the store in a rental car and left it idling in a spot designated for people with disabilities while they entered the establishment carrying shopping bags.

Police's Remarks on The Robbery

According to authorities, the males were pushed by store staff and went straight for the pharmaceutical section in the back of the store. The males allegedly broke through the drugstore door and told the staff to open the safe, according to the police.

One of the robbers allegedly urged one of the employees not to worry about anyone getting hurt when she objected to doing so. According to the police, after the clerk unlocked the safe, the criminals started stuffing the shopping bag with the drugs.

The men raced back to their waiting automobile after emptying the safe, and they sped away. The getaway automobile was later discovered abandoned in Brooklyn, New York, according to the police.

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