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NYPD Says Students Steal Calculators From NYC Schools Have Made Over $42,000

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Police are searching for a group of teenage suspects who they believe broke into almost a dozen high schools in the Bronx and stole a cache of calculators worth more than $40,000.
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The high school-aged burglars who have allegedly been responsible for school break-ins throughout the borough since the beginning of February have been given their first public appearance by the NYPD.

Since February 6, the thieving teenagers have been breaking into schools throughout the night and, in the vast majority of cases, taking the thousands-dollar worth of educational materials with them. The two suspects entered through a fire escape at the NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries, according to police, and stole $6,900 worth of calculators.

The Teen Thieves

Before authorities connected the suspects to a second crime, there had been a hiatus of over two weeks. Around 2:30 a.m. on February 19, a gang of four sneaked into Bronx Regional High School.

According to authorities, this crime only netted $1,465 in calculators, one of the lowest returns ever.

The teens allegedly forced their way through windows at Morris High School twice the following weekend, on February 25 and 26. Nothing of value was taken, however, the teenagers are accused of using a chair to break a number of the building's door windows.

The Highest Hauls

The highest hauls came from two subsequent robberies. In the first two nights of March, a pair of suspects broke into Mott Haven Village High School, according to police, and made off with about $14,000 worth of calculators.

On March 5, a group of three attempted to enter South Bronx Community Charter High School by climbing over a security barrier and attempting to pick the lock on a side door, but they were unsuccessful.

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