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NYC Car Theft Left The Owner In Coma: NYPD Arrests Two Teenage Suspects

Abdul Ghani

Days after attempting to prevent a group of burglars from taking his automobile, a guy from Queens is still in critical condition.
Broken Car.Photo byKenan ReedonUnsplash

Taurée Thompson, 28, allegedly left his Lexus idling outside a Richmond Hill Taco Bell on Monday, February 21. When the party reached the car and entered, Thompson was already inside the establishment.

After attempting to open the doors of his car while running out of the Taco Bell, Thompson leaped onto the roof of it. Thompson is seen clinging to the roof rack as the burglars drive quickly down the street in surveillance footage.

The driver eventually loses control of the automobile, causing it to tumble onto its side as it collides with a fire hydrant.

Police Arrested Two Teenage Suspects, The Third Suspect Runaway

Before smashing the Lexus into a fire hydrant, the suspects didn't travel very far. Thompson was knocked onto the sidewalk when the car overturned.

The three teenagers can be seen ejecting from the wrecked car on surveillance footage and running away. At first, onlookers assisted them in exiting the vehicle without understanding that Thompson was already on the sidewalk.

Afterward, two of the suspects—both 15 years old—were apprehended and detained; charges are pending. The third suspect has not been located. Authorities were attempting to identify the driver.

At Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where a portion of Thompson's right skull was removed owing to brain swelling, he is classified in critical condition.

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