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A 62-Year-Old Truck Driver Run Over Public In Brooklyn Causing At Least 8 Injuries

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The driver of a U-Haul truck plowed through numerous Brooklyn neighborhoods on Monday morning, cutting into bike lanes and onto sidewalks where many individuals were run over, causing at least eight injuries.
U-Haul Truck.Photo byMbernero From Flickr

Following a violent rampage across the borough's Bay Ridge and Sunset Park areas, the lone driver, a 62-year-old male who is currently in police custody, was captured. Two of the eight people hurt during the early chaos were reported to be in critical condition, while two others were in serious condition.

Police said minor injuries were sustained by everyone else. The Brooklyn location of NYC Langone received all the patients.

Before going north into Sunset Park, police were able to trace the beginning of the driver's spree back to Bay Ridge, at 5th Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway. Initial reports said that the truck veered onto sidewalks while being pursued by police.

The Security Footage Could Not Capture The Whole Incident

Only a small portion of the danger the driver posed to anyone on or near the road is shown in security footage.

In the video, the U-Haul truck can be seen swerving into the bike lane at 4th Avenue and 55th Street, crushing a rider in the process.

Although the vehicle did not appear to be slowing down, the second rider in front of it appeared to see what was happening and move out of the way.

NYPD Officers Arrested The Driver

The truck with Arizona license plates and its driver were surrounded by the NYPD at 11:30 a.m. on a corner between Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. The driver was taken to jail.

The truck, which was blocking a police car on the sidewalk, was examined for any potential hazards and found to be secure.

According to NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell on Monday afternoon, that stop is one of seven distinct locations in Brooklyn that are being examined for possible evidence.

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