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An NYPD Officer Died Three Days After Being Shot During An Off-Duty Robbery In Brooklyn

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A day after the shooting suspect was apprehended, numerous law enforcement officials notified NBC New York that the 26-year-old NYPD officer who was shot during a botched Brooklyn heist over the weekend has passed away.

A couple of hours after NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced the arrest of Randy Jones, 38, father of two Adeed Fayaz passed away on Tuesday night.

According to officials, Jones was handcuffed by an NYPD detective working with the US Marshals Regional Task Force; however, Fayaz was really taken into jail using his own handcuffs.

Jones Was Charged With Attempted Robbery

Fayaz's life support was turned off earlier in the day, and he was carried to the mortuary later that night.

According to authorities, Jones, of New York City, fled the scene of the shooting on Saturday night with his girlfriend and five young children before being apprehended at a Days Inn in Rockland County on Monday night. Jones was charged with attempted robbery and murder after being extradited to Brooklyn on Monday night, according to Essig. When he was arrested, he reportedly requested a lawyer.

Essig claims that the officer made arrangements to purchase a Honda Pilot for $24,000 in Brooklyn using Facebook Marketplace. He had originally intended to accompany his brother-in-law to the sale site on Friday night, but that trip was postponed to Saturday. His brother-in-law took them both to Ruby Street near McDonald's.

The Man Was In a Black Jacket

A man in a black jacket with a beard and mustache approached the two and led them to a driveway before humorously asking if either of them was carrying a gun, according to Essig.

When they both responded "no," Jones allegedly put Fayaz in a headlock, demanded the $24,000, and brandished the gun at the brother-in-law when Fayaz claimed he didn't have it, according to Essig.

Essig claimed that Fayaz was able to free himself from the headlock before the gun fired. Jones allegedly fled while continuing to fire at the brothers. After removing Fayaz's gun from its holster, the brother-in-law fired at least six shots. Essig claimed Jones got into an SUV and left. Fayaz had been hurt during the commotion.

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