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Facial Recognition At Madison Square Garden Rejects Unwanted Visitors

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The usage of face recognition software in New York's Madison Square Garden has long had unfavorable effects on the staff of law firms.
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Since 2018, the owners of New York's renowned Madison Square Garden (MSG) have used facial recognition software to keep track of every person attempting to enter the venue.

Several law firms have brought lawsuits against the practice in the last three months, which has had unfavorable effects on the employees.

Madison Square Garden Was Close For People Who Were Not Involved In Any Cases

Even with legitimate tickets, legal firm staff members who were involved in lawsuits against operating business Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation were routinely turned away at the door. It was the same at other locations run by the same company, including well-known venues like Radio City Music Hall or the Beacon Theatre.

"I was stopped by a man in a suit who questioned whether I was Alexis Majano. You should talk to the manager," According to lawyer Majano, the New York Post.

He went to a New York Knicks basketball game, but Madison Square Garden was close for him. He is not personally involved in the cases surrounding Madison Square Garden, although working for a firm that is.

Data Privacy Advocates And The Judiciary Condemn The MSG's Conduct

According to Gizmodo's Evan Greer of the non-profit organization Fight for the Future, which advocates for the observance of digital rights, "this is just one example of how facial recognition software may be used to violate people's rights."

According to Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, over 90 law firms were impacted. She sent an inquiry letter to the operating company following many media stories on the contentious use of the software. The business might have broken the law by using facial recognition software in this way, it claimed.

The Head of Madison Square Garden Does Not Believe That Anything Should Change

James Dolan, the head of Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation and owner of both the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks basketball teams, does not believe that anything should change:

"We're not caving into it because it's not prejudice. The Garden needs to stand its ground."

The Staff Is Displeased

Dolan asserted that the Attorney General's letter had no intimidatory effect on him and even threatened to discontinue selling alcohol at Madison Square Garden if he so desired.

One of the most significant event venues in the world is Madison Square Garden, where whoever performs in front of a packed house is seen as a success.

There are also sports like basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and boxing available in addition to music, comedy, and fashion.

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