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New York To Put Ban On 'Dangerous' People From Using NYC Subways

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After an apparent uptick in news stories about shoving, attacks, and other violent acts, New York has been debating how to make the subways safer for everyone.
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Assault or unlawful sexual activity against passengers, clients, or MTA staff is now being discussed as a way for judges in New York State to impose bans.

It is asserted in a memo that this novel idea, which is a part of Governor Kathy Hochul's suggested New York State Budget, is essential to adopt since it will enhance safety and MTA system ridership.

Judges Will Have The Authority To Ban Individuals Who Are Found Guilty of Assaulting

If approved together with the budget, it would give judges the authority to instantly impose an MTA ban on individuals found guilty of assaulting or engaging in unlawful sexual activity with a passenger.

According to the document, "These provisions would promote a return to ridership by decreasing the risk of encountering hazardous people and discouraging violent behavior in the MTA system."

Hochul stated that New Yorkers require high-quality services, dependability, and safety during her presentation of the budget.

The New York Post reports that only one individual has ever been expelled from the MTA for assaulting a worker there last year.

How is this enforced in New York?

According to TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis, the union wants judges to impose this restriction.

It's past due, he declared. The criminal justice system must convey that these heinous assaults on transportation workers will not be condoned.

The memo was vague in this regard, and it wasn't immediately obvious how anyone on the forbidden list would be apprehended if they were seen riding the bus or subway.

According to Assemblywoman Inez Dickins, the notion is "excellent in principle," but difficult to implement due to the size of the MTA system. "We support this law. We need this assistance, but we also need something that is enforceable", said Dickins.

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