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Study: Manhattan's 50% of Employees Are Back In The Offices

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A recent study indicated that an increasing number of Manhattan office workers now have at least one day where they must absolutely avoid wearing pajamas.
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As of late January, a Partnership for New York City survey found that, on average, 52 percent of Manhattan's workers were present in their workplace. Another study conducted by the organization found that percentage to be 49 percent in September.

However, the poll, which was presented on Thursday, strongly suggests that the coronavirus epidemic will have a long-lasting effect on how office workers in the city operate, with mixed schedules becoming the standard.

82% of Businesses Focusing On a Hybrid Office Schedule

"Return to office rates are approaching the 56% occupancy rates that businesses predict for the "new normal." According to the report, 82% of businesses said a hybrid office schedule will be their primary policy in 2023, which is consistent with previous studies. Manhattan's office buildings were abandoned by the pandemic, and many workers switched to remote work.

However, after coronavirus limitations were released, very few employees went back to their places of employment.

Many city leaders were concerned about the office migration, especially Mayor Eric Adams, who warned of impacts on the overall economy of the city because low-income New Yorkers frequently work service jobs connected to such workplaces. He continued by saying, "You can't sit home in your jammies all day," according to Business Insider, adding insult to injury.

The Proportion of Fully Remote Employees Decreased From 16%

Only 9% of employees, which is the same as in September, are back at work five days per week, according to the survey.

According to the report, the proportion of fully remote employees decreased from 16 percent in September to 10 percent in January. The study discovered that most offices will continue to use a hybrid model that combines remote work and in-office days.

According to the report, 40% of employers anticipate having employees work three days each week.

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