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NYC Is Moving Migrants Who Camped Outside Hell's Kitchen To Brooklyn Shelters

Abdul Ghani

The city is still working to relocate migrants from outside a hotel in Hell's Kitchen to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.
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According to some of the refugees, being outside in the cold might be preferable to staying in a Brooklyn shelter. Men still have a small tent set up in front of the hotel.

Manuel Castro, the commissioner of immigrant affairs, and a few other men boarded a bus from the Watson Hotel on Tuesday and traveled to the Brooklyn shelter together, but the refugees' attitudes remained unchanged.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, according to several migrants and activists, has unlivable conditions. They complain that it's chilly, there aren't enough restrooms, the location is remote, and they don't appreciate the crowded atmosphere.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

The city disputes those assertions, stating that there is free transit, ample restroom facilities, and comfortable temperatures.

"When I started hearing all the tales that it was too chilly and that my brother was wearing shorts, I knew I had to come here. In here, it's toasty. Regarding the lack of food, you are aware that there is healthy food available" Eric Adams, the mayor, commented.

Compared to the hotel in Hell's Kitchen, the experience here is very different. The news reporters informed hotel staff that the refugees receive free laundry, free haircuts, and free food at the hotel.

As single males are relocated, the city plans to utilize the Watson Hotel as family housing.

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