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NYC Protestors Surround NYPD Car After The Release of Tyre Nicholas Video: Police Arrested A Man

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Following the release of body camera video showing Memphis officers abusing Tyre Nichols, demonstrators flocked to the streets in New York City Friday night, resulting in three arrests.
Images from a protest following the release of the video depicting the violent beating of Tyre Nichols.Photo byMichael M. Santiago From Twitter

The protests were mainly nonviolent, but emotions were running high. At the Times Square rally, a protestor leaped on top of a police cruiser and damaged the windscreen.

That individual was charged with criminal mischief to a police car. During the protests, two more people were arrested, but it was unclear why. Charges are being considered.

There was a smoldering rage in the air that felt all too familiar

Protesters poured onto the streets once more, motivated by outrage over the death of another Black man by police.

"We want violence against Black people in America to be noticed and taken seriously," protestor Kei Kebreau stated.

Demonstrators brandished signs and chanted "What is his given name?


Mention his name.


They marched around the city, stopping at Grand Central Terminal and Union Square, eventually bringing the Crossroads of the World to a standstill.

As a result, the NYPD halted southbound automobile traffic on Broadway from 48th Street to 42nd Street, and 46th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenue was restricted to vehicular traffic.

We Should Attempt To Figure Out How To Be Better Citizens

It was in response to Memphis authorities releasing more than an hour of video of the vicious assault in which officers kept the 29-year-old Black motorist down and repeatedly struck him as he cried for his mother on Friday.

Jumaane Williams, the New York City Public Advocate, has stated that he will not watch the video.

He was in Times Square Friday night to make sure nonviolent protestors had the space they needed to express themselves.

"There is a lot of suffering. A lot of rages, and rightly so "According to Williams. "I believe that we should attempt to figure out how to be better here in New York."

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