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NYC Education Department Says The Admission Pilot Program Is Successful

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Some public schools have made encouraging progress in promoting diversity, according to education authorities, despite the uproar over revisions to the admissions procedures for middle and high schools in New York City.
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First Deputy Chancellor Dan Weisberg said the Department of Education wants to work with members to expand the city's Diversity in Admissions program, an initiative that is currently implemented at more than 100 schools, during testimony before the New York City Council's education committee on Wednesday afternoon.

Being Proactive In Admission Processes

The program, which debuted in the 2016–17 school year at seven institutions, enables administrators to reserve a portion of seats for underrepresented students during the admissions procedure, such as candidates from low-income families, English language learners, those residing in temporary housing, or those involved in the child welfare system.

According to Weisberg, almost all of the participating institutions achieved their diversity objectives last year simply by "being proactive about their admissions processes."

It's a challenging situation

Admissions to selective public schools have long been a contentious issue in New York City, especially since the city's education system has come under fire for being one of the most segregated in the country.

Black and Latino students continue to be underrepresented at elite institutions despite leaders' efforts to strike a balance between promoting diversity and still rewarding exceptional academic achievement.

City's Modification To Middle And High School

White and Asian American families, meanwhile, have worried that initiatives to diversify schools will harm them.

The city's most recent significant modification to middle and high school admissions, which was announced in the fall and has since caused confusion and raised worries among parents, prompted the oversight hearing on Wednesday.

The rigorous middle school admissions procedure was reinstated, and several of the most prominent high schools in the city placed a renewed emphasis on grades when determining admittance.

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