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2nd NYC Legal Cannabis Store Is Opening At Bleecker Street In Greenwich Village

Abdul Ghani

Before it opens to the general public on Tuesday, the second legal marijuana store in New York State will conduct a ceremonial first sale on Monday.
Marijuana Dispensary.Photo byThought CatalogonUnsplash

Smacked is the name of the store on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village. It is the first licensed marijuana dispensary in New York State to open under the ownership of a past marijuana offender.

Later on Monday morning, they're holding a press conference to discuss it. The first licensed dispensary in New York State opened its doors earlier this month at the secondhand store Housing Works.

It is situated in Greenwich Village, a short distance from Smacked

According to a representative for the state's Office of Cannabis Management, around 36 additional stores will open in the following weeks.

Strategic locations that are far from schools and not too close together make up the places.

The merchandise at the stores is made by regulated farms and has undergone testing at government-run facilities. There are currently about 1400 illicit marijuana stores in the city.

Other illegal businesses are also operating in the city

Due to what seems to be a lack of sanctions for selling without a license, businesses have started taking advantage.

Last week, the matter was the focus of a joint committee oversight hearing of the New York City Council.

The truth is that closing down illicit stores has proven to be quite difficult. A store will be raided by the sheriff's office, and it will be refilled the following day.

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