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Eric Adams Requests Assistance From The Federal Government To Deal With The Surge In Migrants And Asylum Seekers

Abdul Ghani

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is once more requesting assistance from the federal government to deal with the surge in asylum applicants.
NYC Migrants.Photo byTim Pierce Ceative Commons

On Sunday afternoon, the mayor hosted a rally in front of City Hall to urge Congress and FEMA to help with the Southern Border situation.

To aid with the surge, Congress just granted 800 million dollars, but that's not all for New York. In the end, New York will spend more on aiding asylum applicants.

New York City needs a lot more money, according to Mayor Adams, but it has no plans to scale back its assistance for recent immigrants.

Mayor Eric Adams Want To Keep Up With a Welcoming Migrants History

The mayor is informing the federal government that a strategy is required to support a city with a long history of welcoming immigrants with the help of elected leaders, immigrant advocacy groups, and organizations serving asylum seekers from all over the world.

"We will be judged in history at this point, just as we always have been. We're going to arrive at the anticipated moment," Mayor Adams remarked.

Frank Jerson, who moved here four months ago, claims that the assistance he received in New York City enabled him to find employment. Jerson, an engineer in his native Venezuela, has already used his training to support family members there.

Hundreds of People Arrive Everyday

However, since hundreds more people continue to arrive every day, the city is requesting that FEMA develop a longer-term solution for not only New York but also for other communities struggling with the surge.

In the event that the Supreme Court eventually permits Title 42 to expire, Mayor Adams stated that New York needs to be particularly ready for even higher influxes.

That is the Trump Administration's pandemic rule, which makes it even more difficult to apply for asylum in the United States.

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