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Eric Adams Announced Plans To Tackle The Migrants Crisis Following His US-Mexico Border Visit

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Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, flew to El Paso, a border city in Texas, over the weekend to plead with the federal government to send more money and assistance to American communities hosting tens of thousands of migrants fleeing economic and political unrest in Latin America.
NYC Mayor Eric Adams.Photo byWikiMedia Creative Commons

Adams claimed that cities like New York and El Paso were on the "front lines" of an unprecedented migrant crisis that had recently prompted the Biden administration to adopt a new approach aimed at discouraging illegal border crossings during the trip, which was his first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border as mayor.

Last Week New york Witnessed A Record Number of Asylum Seekers

Adams claimed that just last week, New York City witnessed record numbers of asylum seekers arrive in the five boroughs, giving him a first-hand glimpse at the border and the situation for migrants in Texas.

He claimed that the inflow is straining social services in the city and causing "a national disaster." We, immigrants, and city dwellers don't deserve this, stated Adams, who claimed that "our cities are being undermined."

According to Adams, there are still over 26,000 immigrants in city care, and it's increasingly harder to provide for their needs beyond a place to sleep, such as food, education, health care, and pathways to employment and self-sufficiency.

Adams Visited Shelter Officials, Migrants, And Mayor Oscar Leeser

Adams met with local volunteers, shelter officials, migrants, and city leaders during his visit to El Paso on Saturday and Sunday, including Mayor Oscar Leeser, a fellow Democrat who also requested and received support from the Biden administration to provide shelter, food, and transportation for arriving migrants.

A video of the encounter from Sunday shows that when Adams promised to fight for their right to work in the United States and realize the "American dream," a group of migrants cheered and applauded.

The inability of new arrivals to lawfully work in New York City due to a federal law that delays the issuance of work permits until after their asylum claims have been pending for several months is one of the key complaints Adams has made.

Although he has requested that the federal government waive that requirement, only Congress has the power to do so since it hasn't passed a significant immigration law since the 1990s.

Cities Around The Nation Will Endeavor To Resolve The Issue

Although the cities around the nation did not cause this issue, according to Adams, they will endeavor to resolve it.

He is urging his fellow mayors to collaborate and come up with ideas as long as the federal government then implements them and bears the full expense.

Adams is likewise requesting assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In order to centralize the reaction, he suggested that FEMA choose a particular coordinator.

Adams said he will attend the American Conference of Mayors this week in Washington, D.C., where he hopes all the local leaders will be able to begin discussions about how they can collaborate on the issue.

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