Mayor Adams Signs 'Rat Action Plan' To Fight Rodents And Keep City Clean

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As the next step in eliminating the domestic rats, SoHo Mayor Eric Adams on Friday signed legislation known as the "Rat Action Plan" at the sanitation department.
Protest in front of the Hale & Hearty, 55th and 8th Ave., New York City.Image by Victoria Pickering from Flickr

The city keeps expanding its programs to deal with rats and improve cleanliness. In order to clean more than 1,000 "No Man's Land" neglected areas around the city, increase litter basket service, expand camera enforcement against illegal dumping, and hire more rat exterminators, Mayor Adams last week announced $14.5 million in new funding for the "Get Stuff Clean" initiative this fiscal year. This will enable the initiative to clean the city's various nooks and crannies more quickly and consistently.

The measures mandate that the health department publish an annual report on its efforts to reduce rat populations. New large construction projects will need to employ an exterminator, and buildings that are thought to have rat problems will need to utilize special rodent-proof rubbish containers.

Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch stated, "What we're attempting to do is shut down the all-night, all-you-can-eat rat buffet." Rat sightings, according to the city, are up 142% since before the outbreak.

A greater sanitation department strategy to make the city cleaner is included in this new set of laws. Two further trial rat mitigation systems are in operation in the meantime.

The time that residential and commercial garbage can be put out on the curb will change to 8 p.m. as of the following year, reducing the amount of time that rats can eat garbage. The Clean Curb program, which places rodent-proof bins in test locations across all five boroughs, is another option.

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