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4 People Killed, Including 1 Woman And 3 Children In Bronx Fire

Abdul Ghani

Early on Sunday, a roaring house fire in the Bronx claimed the lives of three young children and a lady as the scared toddlers frantically pounded on the windows while wailing, "Help me, God!", according to authorities and shaken neighbors. According to NY Post.

60-year-old resident Merlyn Persaue cried as she recalled how she could see the children's tiny fists pounding on the windows. She said to the media that it was so disturbing to see that incident.

"The children were yelling, 'Hey Allah! Hey Allah!" is Arabic for "Help me, God!" Help me, God.

The neighbor reported, "I see the hands in the windows, then the flames wash up on the panes, and then there was no more sound, everything was silent.

The door was so hard to break, they were imprisoned inside the house.

The three men attempted to open the doors by kicking them as hard as they would allow while racing up the stairs. They continued to attempt until it was too late.

A 15-month-old infant, a 10-year-old boy, a 12-year-old boy, and a 22-year-old lady were all named as the deceased victims by authorities.

The 10- and 12-year-old victims both passed away at the site, while the other two were rushed to the hospital but died there, according to the police.

The Incident was harshing and happened early on Sunday. The cause of the fire is not clear but FDNY is still investigating the incident.

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