Amazon Ends Test Run For Delivery Robots

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Several hundred employees worked on the Scout delivery robot at Amazon. Internally, we are looking for other possible uses for these. Amazon has stopped testing its Scout home delivery robot. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to a source familiar with the situation in the company. Reuters also reported that the project had been discontinued. The reason is that the pilot test of an Amazon delivery robot that began three years ago is not working. The robot, known as Scout, was supposed to drive around and deliver orders, especially in the suburbs of the USA with many single-family houses.
Project Scout was discontinued by Amazon.Image by Amazon/creative commons

"During our limited Scout field test, we worked to create a unique delivery experience, but learned through feedback that there were aspects of the program that did not meet customer needs," said an Amazon spokeswoman. The field test was therefore ended, and according to Amazon, the project should be realigned. There was no further information on this.

"During this transition period, we will work with our employees and match them with vacancies that best match their experience and skills," it said. The previous scout team will be dissolved for this. Most recently, around 400 people are said to have worked on the Scout project.

Scout rolled through the suburbs

In 2019, Amazon began testing Scout near Seattle. The robot has six wheels and is supposed to transport ordered goods. There is a cargo area inside the delivery robot for that. Amazon customers should be able to open the cargo hold of the delivery robot with a code to receive packages.

Later there were also attempts in the US states of California, Georgia, and Tennessee. The robot was often accompanied by humans in order to be able to react to possible problems. The robot should be able to avoid people, animals, or vehicles. He drove along the sidewalk at walking speed to deliver ordered goods to delivery addresses.

The robots drove electrically. Amazon wanted to achieve that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced during delivery. Just a few months ago, Amazon organized special events in areas covered by Scout. This should encourage more Amazon customers to use Scout deliveries.

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