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New York City Jail Training Chief Herns Mitton Quit After 9 Days

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After only nine days on the job as the director of the Department of Correction's training program, an ex-official of Rikers Island who oversaw the Emergency Service Unit at a period when it was criticized for using aggressive methods resigned from his new position.
New York City Jail Training Chief Herns Mitton.Image by Herns Mitton From Instagram/Creative Commons

Herns Mitton claimed he left his position as the organization's training program director on September 16 because he could educate cops more effectively "outside the department."

In a nine-minute Instagram video, Mitton stated, "I hope I haven't let anyone down." "After serious consideration, I realized the necessity to aid department employees independently outside of the department."

Mitton founded a business that educates prison officers after leaving the Department of Corrections in 2020 as deputy warden and in charge of its emergency services division. When the NY Daily News reached him, he opted not to comment.

The Past Reports

The monitor noticed that ESU teams were "hyper-confrontational" and escalating conflict when they were meant to mitigate it in a 2020 report. The monitoring team once more cited "ESU's record of needless and excessive uses of force" in a second 2020 report and said the unit had been in contempt of court.

If an officer has current use of force complaints or previous use of force discipline, they are not permitted to continue working in the Emergency Services Unit. But according to Sarena Townsend, the former deputy commissioner for trials and investigations at the Correction Department, an assessment of a time period that included Mitton's administration in 2021 revealed dozens of individuals had stayed in the facility with open cases or disciplinary actions.

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