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Inside New York's 60th Annual Film Festival "White Noise Party"

Abdul Ghani

Last night New Yorks's famous festival kicked off. The 60th annual party was in honor of the festival opener "White Noise", a novel by Noah Baumbach (published in 1985). A scattering of actors, a few Netflix executives, a well-known DJ, and a sizable number of Lincoln Center visitors were present at the party.
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The party evening was capped off with a few quick interviews with German actor Lars Eidinger, who in the movie portrays a kind of failed crazy scientist. German actor Lars Eidinger, who is well over six feet tall, was in the same gigantic Balenciaga suit that Justin Bieber wore to the Grammys. But Jodie Turner-Smith stole the show by ditching her stunning black evening gown for a tuxedo from Canada.

There was a report of Noah Baumbach being "taken out by a bunch of lady publicists". Turner-Smith and Greta Gerwig both were late, and Driver was conspicuously absent.

Annual Film Festival Completed The 60th Year of Celebration

The annual film festival party first started in the September of 1963. And yesterday it completed its 60th anniversary. The first-ever New York Film Festival was held in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center and was nothing more than just an experiment. The annual film festival still calls Lincoln Center its home place.

Even though the New York Annual Film Festival completed its sixth decade but this experiment was a success and brought some positive changes to the film industry, where celebrities all across the globe come and join the party.

The festival started on September 30 and will end on October 15th, If you are from New York you can visit the Lincoln Center and join the festival.

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