Biden Administration And Tiktok Negotiate On a Settlement

Abdul Ghani

The Biden government and Tiktok owner Bytedance are looking for a compromise. However, reactions from the USA raise doubts. The US government and Tiktok are working on a plan under which the video app operator must improve data security and governance so that the Chinese parent company Bytedance is not forced to sell its subsidiary. The New York Times reports, citing four informed sources. Both sides are still arguing about the form of the possible agreement.

The US Department of Justice is conducting negotiations with Tiktok. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco remains concerned that conditions are not harsh enough for China. The Treasury Department, which approves deals that pose national security risks, is also skeptical that the potential deal with Tiktok will adequately address perceived national security issues, according to the New York Times. The US could force further tightening of conditions and delay a final solution for months.

A Tiktok spokesman declined to comment on the report but said it was confident that "all reasonable US national security concerns can be fully addressed. "

US President Donald Trump ordered the shutdown of Tiktok in 2020 if a US company was not found as a buyer by mid-November. The app poses a threat to national security, the order published on August 6, 2020, said. The app collects large amounts of user data and could enable the Chinese government to spy on Americans. Tiktok owner Bytedance has been trying to separate its international platform from the Chinese version for some time. Tiktok assured that China's government has no access to user data and has never asked for it. US users' data would be stored and processed in the United States. In China itself there is only the censored version of the app, Douyin.

Microsoft and Oracle then announced that they would aim to acquire Tiktok. Oracle founder Larry Ellison had generously supported Trump with campaign donations.

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