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Netflix Brings Beverly Hills Cop Sequel

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For the fourth part of Beverly Hills Cop, Netflix has signed many actors from the first part of the film series. Netflix has started production on Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. The fourth part of the police comedy will feature four actors who have already starred in the first part, Netflix announced. Eddie Murphy will reprise the lead role as police officer Axel Foley.
Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in the fourth installment of The Beverly Hills Cop.David Livingston/Getty Images for AFI

Judge Reinhold played Detective William "Billy" Rosewood in the first three parts of Beverly Hills Cop. In addition, John Ashton will be there again, who took on the role of Detective Sergeant John Taggart in the first two parts. Also in the first two parts played Paul Reiser, who can be seen as Detective Jeffrey Friedman. As the fourth member of the original cast, Netflix was able to sign Bronson Pinchot as art dealer Serge.

In August 2022, Netflix announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Taylor Paige would be starring in the fourth Beverly Hills Cop. It will be directed by Mark Molloy and written by Will Beall. There is no information yet on the plot of the fourth part, which is being kept secret by Netflix.

The fourth part of Beverly Hills Cop was originally supposed to be shown in cinemas in 2016

Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman, and Melissa Reid are producing the fourth installment with Eddie Murphy for Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Netflix hasn't announced when it will appear on the streaming service. It is also unclear whether the film will also be shown in cinemas.

Paramount announced in May 2014 that it was planning a fourth part of Beverly Hills Cop. The theatrical release was supposed to be in March 2016, but that didn't happen. In November 2019, Paramount announced that Netflix had acquired the rights to the fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop.

The first three installments of Beverly Hills Cop grossed $736 million

The first part of Beverly Hills Cop carries the subtitle I solve the case in any case in Germany and was released in cinemas in 1985. The film was directed by Martin Brest. It is considered a classic of the 1980s. The sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II, followed in 1987 and was directed by Tony Scott. After a lengthy hiatus, Beverly Hills Cop III, directed by John Landis, was released in 1994.

The music for the first two parts comes from Harold Faltermeyer, who became known worldwide with the instrumental title melody Axel F. from the first part. The first part of Beverly Hills Cop had the greatest success, grossing 316 million US dollars worldwide with production costs of 15 million US dollars. The second part made $300 million and the third part made just under $120 million at the box office. Overall, the first three installments brought in around $736 million at the box office.

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