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Tesla Mega Battery Backup Facility Catches Fire In California

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A Tesla Megapack is on fire in California. The extinguishing work is still ongoing. Huge backup batteries help stabilize the power grid in the US state of California. One of these giant batteries comes from Tesla and has been on fire since Tuesday. At times, no one was injured in the fire.
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The fire broke out in a Tesla Megapack at the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) power storage facility in Moss Landing, south of San Francisco. The fire is still ongoing but is currently under control, according to local media reports.

182.5 megawatts of energy

According to the California utility, the contingency plan worked perfectly for such a scenario. The fire was quickly localized and isolated thanks to the safety systems in place. However, the extinguishing work is not yet complete.

The facility at Moss Landing consists of 256 Tesla Megapacks. A total of 182.5 megawatts of energy can be temporarily stored there. The giant battery is fed with excess electricity from wind and solar power plants. The plant went into operation in April 2022.

The PG&E says that batteries charge themselves when demand for electricity is low or when solar energy is high. Then they use the reserved battery power to supply the electricity to fulfill the demand.

The incident was not natural, there can be human errors behind this. For the time being, the investigators are not saying anything about who was the battery manufacturer or supplier to tesla. But the investigations are still continuing to dig out the reason why this incident happened.

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