Russian Hypersonic Missile Misses Ukraine, Crashes Back Into Russia

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An explosion in Stavropol, Russia, in which 5 people were injured, is believed to have been caused by a hypersonic missile. Last Wednesday there was an explosion in Russia's Stavropol Territory, 350 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, injuring at least 5 people. According to Russian media reports, the explosion is said to have been triggered by a crashed Ukrainian drone. However, there are serious doubts about this, as the Eurasian Times reports.
Russian Hypersonic Missle Crash Scene.Image by LotA From Twitter

Because the remains of the object show strong similarities with the Russian hypersonic missile type "Kinzhal", as a Twitter user with the acronym LotA noted.

This would be indicated above all by the remains of the booster found in the rubble. The booster in the wreckage also suggests that the missile either misfired or was accidentally ejected from its carrier aircraft. The rocket is said to have come from a Russian MiG-31 that was on its way to Ukraine.

According to Russia, they had already used the missile several times in the war against Ukraine. It can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear explosive devices and has a range of over 1,800 kilometers.

In the beginning, Russian media made people believe it was an unmanned drone from Ukraine. But later journalists and Twitter users find similarities that made it clear that it was the Russian hypersonic missile. Now the Russian media also accepts the truth.

However, still neither Russian nor Ukrainian official authorities are claiming about the crash. People are curious to know the true story behind the crash.

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